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Con Sketchbooks

Started by Myrdin, January 31, 2007, 08:13:58 AM

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Mr Captain mentioned he had a few sketches from Comic Con. I'm interested in all kinds of art but the speed with which some of these artists are able to draw amazes me, so convention sketchbooks garner a particular interest.

I'll start with some favorites from my own sketchbook.

This was drawn by the famous Gabe and Tycho from Penny-Arcade. Tycho drew the punctuation.

I tried to get Kara, from the same web comic, to draw. The results weren't so clean:

Some art students also sketched for me and ended up making some of the best stuff:

If you play Kingdom of Loathing then you may recognize this. One of the guys was actually wearing the suit depicted here:

Even some of the professional artists are willing to sketch. Theirs was usually(but not always) hastier. I think they get asked a lot. Here's some exceptions:

This guy was the colourist for both the Akira manga and the Gumby comic.

There's more, but I'll leave it at this for now.


Speed is a particularly big thing for me.  ^__^
So even though most of those are probably not in the style I like (except the goth girl), I too appreciate the level of depth some of these guys can come up with in only a few minutes time.  ^v^

One of the many reasons I'm also a fan of curbside landscape paintings,... when the artist uses nothing but spray paints, cans and a few other nicknacks to create breathtaking landscapes almost instanteously.  Some of the prices they charge are also an insult to their talent.  ^___^

I myself don't sketch, btw, so wouldn't be able to relate fully....  Ã,¬.Ã,¬


Never go to con without a sketchbook.
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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