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Computers you own.

Started by Techno the fox, September 30, 2007, 11:59:46 pm

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Here's what I have
(with me right now)
1999(I think) Sony Vaio-Windows XP Home
???? Some Gateway from the late 90's(My 2 sister's)XP Pro
2008 Gateway (I think it's called a XG2 or something like that it's my mom's)-Vista
???? Gateway Laptop(My stepdad's I never see it anymore because he never uses it)-XP
(At my Grandparents)
1998 HP Pavilion(My Storage space)-Windows 98SE
2002 HP Pavilion-Windows XP
???? Shuttle X-Kubuntu
2005 Emachines(broken)-Windows XP
2008 HP Pavilion(I think,I Don't use this one a lot it's my sister's)-Vista
2005 Compaq(My Grandma's)-XP
(What I'm Getting for christmas)
???? iMac G3-?????
(What I'm saving up for)
???? Mac Classic-?????