Anime Music: Openings and Endings Soundtracks

Started by Raffaele the Amigan, January 26, 2007, 04:02:08 AM

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Quote from: "CaptBrenden"Did you find that Xeno saga one?  Its very good.  And its sung by a no shit english speaker so its compleatly understandable XD  Moving peice.. I loved at the end of the series when they played it in the background of the final ep while they were making their escape while someone stayed behind to save the world.

Ah, "In this serenity"
Composed by: Kousuke Yamashita
Lyrics by: Roland Lennox  <== there's the primary reason for your good english
Sung by: Mayumi Gojo <== Japanese people don't always have a strong accent tho

Speaking of English songs, I believe it was Bleach's 1st ED where a Japanese-American named Rie Fu sung.  If I recall correctly, she was born in Maryland.


i need to get an MP3 of that.  hopefully like other openings and clcosings the MP3 is longer and has a few verses
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I need to add Code Geass ED to my favorite list, even though I don't start the series at this time. By the way, am I right that Ali Project (or whatever it called) created Rozen Maiden musics, too? Just because this sounds a bit similar in style, I think...


Speaking of rozen maiden music.. i need to find that one that plays only once in the series as Suigintou serveys the frozen version of her world while having shinku flashbacks
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Openings and Endings? Let's see:
- Hare Hare Yukai (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya EP)
- Mahoro de Mambo (Mahoromatic EP)
- Sakura Saku (Love Hina OP)
- Happy Material (Negima! OP)

I have some weird tastes, man...


hmm lesse... the ones I have are:

Angel Sanctuary (OST)
Animal Yokocho (single)
Azumanga Daioh (OST)
Black Lagoon (single)
Bleach (single)
Cardcaptor Sakura (single)
Chobits (single)
Cowboy Bebop (OST)
DearS (single)
Disgaea (single)
Dokuro-chan (single)
Elfen Lied (OST)
Ergo Proxy (OST)
Eureka 7 (single)
FF7: Advent Children (OST)
Gunslinger Girl (OST)
Haibane Renmei (single)
Higurashi (single)
Innocent Venus (single)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (single)
Evangelion (OST)
Pita Ten (single)
Rozen Maiden (OST)
Samurai Champloo (OST)

of those my fav is easily Haibane Renmei. That reminds me, I really need to torrent the complete OST at some point. Gunslinger Girl, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo all stand out too.

Quote from: "Raffaele the Amigan"Do you like the conversion of soundtracks made in some countries?

After hearing Cardcaptor's intro, definitely not, no :x


Gunslinger was a work of art on so many levels, the music is just one of them.  I do sincerly hope they decide to do another season
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yesh, I demand to see Petrushka and Pinocchio! XD;

I'm sure they can get enough material for another 13...

On topic:
The orchestral style in gsg's ost is great.  My personal favorite track is TEMA IV. ^^


Gundam Seed Destiny (Ignited)
Mai Otome (Crystal Energy)

I think these are the only ones.


out of my head... of the recent ones, i like jigoku shoujo's first and second season sung by SNoW


Soundtrack eh? I like anything that have "Kajiura Yuki" as their composer.

As for OP/ED...
Last Regrets and Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho from Kanon.

@Exa : Yes, Ali Project sung Code Geass first ED and Rozen's ED. If you like their music, I recommend .Hack//GU (nice :D), Noir, Avenger (Together with Kajiura Yuki), and Maria-sama ga Miteru ^^


Well, I pretty much download most things i hear on shows, and download stuff i haven't heard from shows but are from good artists i know of, then download the shows they were on, and so on. So my list is quite long...^-^;

full DNAngel soundtrack, by Takahito Eguchi & Tomoki Hasegawa
Lots of One Piece soundtrack stuff, by Tanaka Kouhei
Erementar Gerad and Tsubasa Chronicle ost:s, by the aforementioned Yuki Kajiura - great composer!
most of the Naruto soundtrack, and also the Excel Saga soundtrack, by Toshiro Masuda
full Gundam Seed +Destiny soundtrack, by Sahashi Toshihiko - hell much!
Bleach OST, by Sagisu Shiro
Rozen soundtracks by Mitsumune Shinkichi
FMA sountrack by Michiru Oshima
Black Lagoon soundtrack, by some composer (i presume group) called EDISON.

All the OP and ED singles i have...guh, i'm too lazy to bring them all up here, but i just classify it as, "way too much". Somewhere between two and three hundred, if i have to guess.


Quote from: "desu"
@Exa : Yes, Ali Project sung Code Geass first ED and Rozen's ED. If you like their music, I recommend .Hack//GU (nice :D), Noir, Avenger (Together with Kajiura Yuki), and Maria-sama ga Miteru ^^

I just started Maria-sama ga Miteru today, and I really like the music! Coincidence?... ^^


Quote from: "desu"@Exa : Yes, Ali Project sung Code Geass first ED and Rozen's ED.
I'm pretty sure it was the OP to rozen, not the ED, that they did. *hem*


iirc, Ali Project do Rozen Maiden's OPs, kukai do the EDs. Both are good though imo :D