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We've been noticed

Started by FabianN, May 03, 2005, 12:15:30 pm

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L33t 4g3nt

 A good site to post on would be MegaTokyo...Piro (Fred) did a rant on OS-tans a while back, I think...

But the thing is...He charges for placing ads...


 Yea, I did look, and was going to post about it on the forum, but they have forum rules against self advertising, so I am just waiting for a chance to open up where I can post the site without breaking the rules ;)


 If I were you Fabian, I'd avoid MT like the Plague.  The last thing you want are forumers from there coming here and messing up what goodness you've got.

As for how to get more traffic....I'm not sure.  But I do know after dealing with those in other forums and IRL that go to MT's forums...I'd rather shoot myself.

At least I've finally found this place.  Friend of mine did a quiz in his LJ of "What Windows OS are You?" and he talked about the OS-Tans.  Naturally I got interested and I got hooked.


And I'm backing 2k-chan.  I have no idea why but anytime I see someone like 2k-chan, Chii from Chobits or Saki from Steel Angel Kurumi, I turn into a blithering idiot yelling "KAWAIIII!"  while others look on in disdain.

Anime...Crack is Cheaper


Just tell me what, i'll do anything for improving the popularity of OS-Tans... still trying to push that manga...


I've been trying to spread word of the OS-tans. Mostly what I try to do is post what good sites there are (like this one) and put them on fairly obvious "notes". Unfortunately, it seems like they have been in vain. But one never knows.
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welcome to the team bobthecreep, keep up the work ;019 .... sooner or later os tan will group big with ppl helpping out .....


Ah.....Can you tell me what is that URL link to?

From my country that URL has been block


it has of site that was linked to us ... the site was i think i good place to find ostan.