What is the origin of your nickname?

Started by Exa, January 03, 2007, 07:03:34 AM

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Ow, I didn't even think of Twilight before, but it makes sense now. -.- My condolences, Bells. :/

Dr. Kraus

My nickname irl and sometimes online is only one of many; TChan
Other variations include:
and the list go's on and on and on.

I got the Nickname "Kraus" or "Dr. Kraus" from a percussion warm-up which I was the best at named "Kraus I" and "Kraus II" (Two separate parts that made a full song/warm-up). I was the only Freshmen that could play both parts proficiently (I didn't play them at the same time like they were supposed to be played because there is no physical way to play 32nd notes in different rhythms at the same time with only 2 or 4 mallets.)

So thats how I got my nickname(s) got created and I tend to gather more as I make my way through life (Chodebuster is one I've recently been given ._.; 


Blitzkrieg is a pretty awesome word... and so is sonar.

I wonder how cool they would be put together?

(8 year old mind ftw)


Choco = love of chocolate
freak = compliment
13 = favourite number

Chocofreak13. had this online handle for about 6 years now. i have also gone by Kari'sAngel3777, back in the archaic times of dial up. =v=;;

irl, i usually go by kari, but i've also been called choco (self-explanitory), sempai (from my kohais in high school =w=), mama (same source .__.; ), and max (short for maxine, my second name).

among some of my brothers (especially ben) i'm known as "sis". :3
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In retrospect, I really missed the chance to call my superiors on the Scholastic Bowl team senapi....


yeah, i miss the love. but the school atmosphere is better, so it's a nice tradeoff. :3
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My post is the same, and it's there in the back somewhere...

As there's no reasonably accurate translation of "Overlord" to swedish however, my most used nickname is, simply, The King (Kungen). Alternately, King Vasa for when I'm out skiing, for obvious reasons.


ohrite, i keep forgetting to ask, what's the vassa (sp?) like nej? the giant viking ship?
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The House of Vasa is the founding royal house of Sweden's modern dynasties (1500s->present), from Gustav I Vasa who defeated the danes and unified teh land. The House itself is extinct, but the current Royal house of Bernadotte had its bloodline unified with a maternal descendant of the Royal swedish line of the House of Holstein-Gottorp, which previously had been maternally unified with the House of Vasa. Ergo, the blood of the founding king lives on.

As for the reference, it's a perk to the "Vasaloppet", which is the 90-kilometer ski marathon I'm off to this sunday...which Gustav himself did while fleeing from the danes throughout Sweden, back in the day when he was raising the rebellion.

All this overlord-ing gives me strong Royalist tendencies, it seems _>_

There was a ship named Regalship Vasa as well, which was huge and sunk on its maiden voyage. -w-;


good for you~

i meant the battleship, though. the one that sank, then was unearthed from the baltic this past century?

i've told one of my teachers to call me max, as it hasn't sunk in for him to call me "kari" (doesn't help that there's this annoying girl in my class named "cara"). :\
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People call me the Colonel because of my service in the Soviet Airborne Forces in the late 1950's and my later work in the Michigan Air National Guard.


Quote from: stewartsage on February 22, 2011, 05:29:57 PM
People call me the Colonel because of my service in the Soviet Airborne Forces in the late 1950's and my later work in the Michigan Air National Guard.

Dubious, but the mental image of you in a Soviet military uniform is still really awesome. >3<


funny, i thought that came from your resemblance to a young colonel sanders.

either that or your devoted service in the civil war. :3
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Old thread,

I don't remember if I ever posted here...

I picked svx because... every cool name is taken. Everywhere.
But I usually go by svxs since most interwebs sites require 4+ letters

svx = similar to a Subaru WRX? Yeah, we'll go with that :p

I also go by omen on Quakeworld (or "target" to mix things up)

and 結弦 elsewhere (spelled yui tsuru, e.g. Yuzuru)
But that's not my name :p


i always thought "svx" was some abbreviation or some form of your initials. xD
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