What is the origin of your nickname?

Started by Exa, January 03, 2007, 07:03:34 AM

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Yup but I live in a place where there is almost no snow so D:


i sorry. :[

i'm near canada, so we get snow every winter (and sometimes spring) ^^
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Somehow, Australia has a mountain range called 'The Snowy Mountains'.
First, we sure as heck aren't famous for our snow, and two, how unoriginal is that?!
E 123 \'Omega\': Eggman detected. Begin annihilation sequence.
Miles \'Tails\' Prowler: No, Omega, Eggman is our friend!
E 123 \'Omega\': Small forest creature has gone mad. Suggest immediate termination.


we have the rocky mountains. even LESS original.
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I don't think our mountain range even HAS an official name. ._.


Was watching Code Geass and Gurren Lagann back in '07. Enough said.


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Alex S

Never seen Code Geass, but I have seen Gurren Lagann, so I get the drill reference.

Good to know we don't have an Anti-Spiral in our midst.


Kurt is a half troll half serious user i created on a swedish anime/manga forum a few years ago. The name kurt is a swedish name, kurt was basicly a 60 year old guy that loved accordion music. The user got banned cuz i pretended to be someone i wasn't, so i made a new user this time called kurten, that user was allowed to remain so i kinda adopted the username for future using ^_^ AMD, self explanitory, it describes my love for AMD processors.


:3 i like self expression through a nickname. ^^
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Wanted to give this thread a new life since I think it's always interesting to know where people get their online nicknames from. ^^

My own post was originally on the very first page, and the story's of course the same. I might just add that I don't really use Pitkin as my nickname anywhere else anymore, but instead I'm often using Chinkle (like in IRC channels), some twist of my real name or some site's-theme-related nickname. I guess one of the reasons for this change is that I was totally away from forums for a long time and somehow wanted to distance myself from sites that I used to post in a lot back in time.

edit: Oh yes, the reason why I remembered this thread was because I was listening to the radio play that I got the name Pitkin from while being on the forum. ^.^


Fun necropost~~~~

Mine is a shortening of BellaCielo (my dA handle), which is a rough Italian translation of "beautiful sky". Probably influenced by my habit of skywatching and an obsession with a certain Saturn roadster. Since the advent of Twilight and the permanent ruining of the name, I tend to prefer Bells or Borya or whatever creative nickname others can come up with .w.