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Gantz manga

Started by Spysweeper, December 09, 2006, 01:36:44 PM

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Anyone like the manga way better than the anime besides me. It's my favorite till this day I hope they do an ova of this series cause studio gonzo did a bad job on the Anime I hope a company like madhouse gets this series if they decide to make ova's of it.


I really like the manga and i haven't watched the anime but i heard it was bad, especially the later half. i was really looking forward to watching the anime.. oh well.
My my, aren't you lovely~


Yeah don't watch the anime very horrible worst than the Tsukime anime.


i like it too!! but sadly, havnt been catching up. T-T ther's oredi the 2nd phase n im till in the 1st. and DO NOT watch the anime. hate it...


The manga is so much better. It goes deeper into the plot and I sure do hope that it doesn't have such a crappy ending.


Yeah your telling me this manga owns.


The gantz manga is so well done ... its just so sad noone wants to publish it in english ...

The anime is not terrible it is just it was being made and the manga was being written so they kinda when off track since they had to make up eps without the manga to guide them


That my friend, is the reason God created scanlators.
I think Illuminati manga is handling it now, so I wouldn't expect fast releases.


love it but i dont think it can be good for my soul