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Started by Spysweeper, December 01, 2006, 09:19:31 AM

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inb4 wishful thinking


Quote from: "SleepyD"Kara no Kyoukai 5: Mujun Rasen (Paradox Spiral) anyone?

Freakin awesome.  Katana Ryougi and Moe Ryougi was awesome.  The first half had some animation that made me wonder about their budget, but holy crap the rest of the movie had top quality animation, especially in the fight scenes.

Can't wait to see Azaka in the next one.  Whoo fire magics!

If you guys haven't seen it, I urge you to see it.  Of course, expect the Nasu plot to confuse the heck out of you, especially since it isn't in chronological order (a la Haruhi when it was aired).

Of course, if you're an impatient anime watcher, this may not be for you, what with the extensive talking as well as the release dates being so far apart.  (There's a total of 7 movies for Kara no Kyoukai, so as mentioned earlier, we have up to 5)

...I kinda wonder who's going to pick this series up over here now that Geneon went under.
I always find myself lost when watching KnK, I had to google a website one day that was able to break down everything that was going on. Though I'm eager to see what movie 7 is going to be like when movie 5 is supposedly "the end."


not surprised.
The original novel is exponentially more convoluted than this. XD
And it's Nasu. Nasu loves making long convoluted plots.

Also, Azaka was indeed moe, but other than that, it felt a bit lacking compared to Mujun Rasen. (also, sprinter > fairytale )

Well, 7 concludes what was in 2, so there's still some loose ends to tie up. I can't wait to see Satusjin Kousatsu's conclusion.


In my books TYPE-Moon = WIN
waiting for KnK7 to come out before i try to re-watch and re-understand everything from scratch..
it's sad that i can't read the Light novels all the way through in English now


I would like to see more anime with Arcrueid she is a facinating character and you find out more and more as you peel layers away. I read some of the Melty blood manga. I wish they would do a sequeal to the anime of FS/N I really enjoyed that anime.   ;010
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