Your own Os-tans and kuns

Started by Spysweeper, November 28, 2006, 06:51:03 pm

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Yes, reminds much Vista ganguro versio, thought bit too dark hair to be real ganguro.

Skin color was really a random try, which I then liked.


I tried sketching a DSL-tan (Damn Small linux) but I somehow turned it into a USB-tan.


Woohoo!!!  Not only is he an apparent Linux user (or at least a Linux admirer), but he's also a pig.  ^___^

Don't be afraid to hug a brother!!!  ^v^

*bear hugs PITM*

Had you stuck with DSL-tan, that would've made her the 3rd rendition of Damn Small Linux known to man.  ^___^

But I certainly don't mind a USB-tan and your rendition holds great potential.   It does look like it's been scanned from a sketch though, so not sure if you plan to ink and color.  'v'

In any event, don't forget to introduce yourself in the Members Intro thread!   The board needs another pig!  ^v^


Yup, I like linux!

I will try again with DSL-tan 3rd ed. some other time, since this is really my first time ever drawing anything. It was scanned but I then borrowed my friend's tablet and drew her into the computer.

I have never done this before either so it was a bit hard.

Oh I forgot the blush thin under the eyes; that must be why it seems strange to me.


we gots another pig!

Welcome Linux user PITM! you've been here a day and you already gots a nickname! hehehe

more and more pigs are going online now!
My my, aren't you lovely~


Quotesince this is really my first time ever drawing anything.

Just wow, when I began actively drawing for about 4years ago, I wasn't even close to that.
You got a good start there, just keep drawing and of course, do ask people for opinions.
Good critique is the essence of improving.


I have to agree with VonDaab-san, I've tried off and on for a while, and I still can't draw anywhere near that level! You have a lot of talent, and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

--Ecchi na no wa ikenai toomoimasu!!!


Quote from: "Tsubashi"I still can't draw anywhere near that level!

You can.
It only requires practice.

I don't believe in such thing as people who are born with a talent.
There are individuals that are fast learners, but saying that they're born with the talent is complete bs.

btw, you should see what kind of crap I was drawing 4 years ago.
I won't post it because it's just too offtopic.


Quote from: "VonDaab"

cool. And funny.
Also, welcome to the forums (as always, I'm late)

Quote from: "VonDaab"The way I used to do stuff in Photoshop was not "effective".
Instead, very slow and boring. Having a pencil sketch layer under and click lassoing+paint bucketing it in 5 hours only to get a lineart is really annoying, boring and stupid. Stopped doing that almost a year ago.
Since that I have used my trusty Aiptek for digital stuff.

Although I use the pen tool for lineart (more like, for everything), I can relate. Drawing with a mouse is slow and boring :/
I hope I could get a tablet....Aiptek is a good brand?

Quote from: "PigInTheMud"I will try again with DSL-tan 3rd ed. some other time, since this is really my first time ever drawing anything. It was scanned but I then borrowed my friend's tablet and drew her into the computer.

I have never done this before either so it was a bit hard.

for a first time, is actually good. At least you could get and idea of the basic human form unlike me 2 years [or so] ago :D
Keep practicing human anatomy, and ask for critiques. That's the only way to improve.

Also, welcome to the forums


QuoteAiptek is a good brand?

Mine is a 4.5x6inch model. Works fine, never really seen the small size as a problem.
It does creak and have some other weird noises when really by force press it. It has a flimsy feeling. Pen is really cheap. Had to tape it already because of the middle part where you unscrew it to change the battery has cracken and wont stay tightly closen.
Yes the pen does use a battery, how silly of it. Wacoms doesn't need batterys and feel much sturdier and has a much better feeling in it.

I recommend getting a wacom, thought they can be really pricey.
Aiptek in the other hand is cheap as dirt, because it is it.
I paid for my aiptek about 40 euros, and that was over 2 years ago.
Funny, when I got it and tried it, I was so dissapointed of its performance that I just left it collect dust in a corner. Funny part is that when I dug it up again half year ago, I noticed that the problem wasn't in the tablet, but in me and my noobish talents I had 2 years ago.
Just needed to get used to it and it works like a charm.
It's a basic tablet and it has no pen angle detection like some wacoms have. Pressure sensitivity isn't the best one neither.

Oh wow, just got to think that my aiptek would make a great -tan by the fact that it does have some personality. Small fragile looking, always screaming and shouting about how roughly she is handled. Plus she'd have a adhesive bandage because of my mcgywer fix with the duct tape.
Not to count that she'd be constantly angry because shes been forgotten for almost 2years.


Some photoshop edits I did again


Not sure how the originals look, but this feels like a quantum leap forward from your first attempt.  

Excellent work, Spysweeper!  ^___^
Already you're starting to bring your creations to life!  I'm sure it not only feels good (invigorating, perhaps!), but you probably have realized by now that it's not all that hard as it may have seen.  ^v^

It's up to you to figure out your own pace, but after about 10 or so collage works you may suddenly get the urge to "draw" extensions to the collages (e.g., to replace a girl's baton with a sword or add a gangster hat over spiky hair).  Consider this an evolutionary process from collage work to semi-collages to full-blown original projects, and it's perfectly possible given the exposure you give yourself to various artistic styles.  (if you study the shading of PS3-kun and 360-kun, you'll notice the collection of simplistic techniques used to create one giant, powerful and dynamic effect.  ^__^

BTW, I don't see a Wii-kun (although I'm personally more of a Wii-tan fan... ^.^).


Aurora Borealis

I don't know what the originals look like but those edits look very good! ;010


Thanks for comments I know I edited them but hey it's something.