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Started by NewYinzer, November 07, 2006, 08:13:09 PM

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QuoteHmmm... bottom one is longhorn, I think (for obvious reasons)

Ha! Knew I had seen her before! I found this a while ago, back when I was new to the OS-tans

P.S. I've just realized I've been incredibly rude! You go to all the trouble of making amazing and professional looking Avi's for the wiki, and then I ignore all etiquette and upload them, when the honor should be yours. Please forgive my inadvertent error. ~_~


You and your self-degradation again.  ^^;

I usually post them so you have something to upload to the Wiki.   ^v^

A bad habit of mine I picked up in the old Wikipedia days, when I provided editors with article content, but never actually committed to doing the edits myself.  ^___^;

Just make sure to check if I don't have that uploaded already,.. in the case of McAfee-sama and the brat, I already did, and naturally it's always possible that NewYinzer might be you to it on other occasions.  ^v^

And that sounds like as good as proof as any that the rhino girl is Longhorn #300 some odd....  -v-'

WHY?  WHY can't those artists be more collaborative.....  -_____________-;

In each section, I'd love to create blurbs on alternative designs,... but that can be a double-edged sword with all these variants of Longhorn and Vista.... ^^;


well longhorn is now the name for the new server system.. or so my systems consultant roomate says.. so the design for her is still good.. shes just not the new OS
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Oh yeah, I'd forgetten about that.  ^___^

BTW, your AVI = hypnotically cute.  @v@

Added after 6 hours 2 minutes:

BTW, expanded my Amiga-tan section a little today, including references of more Vintage-tans to come.  -v-

When Raffaelle-san finishes MorphOS-tan, I'll set up her article immediately.  That way, we can start populating the Amigoid family a bit.  ^__^

Added after 1 hours 25 minutes:

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!  ^V^

SleepyD is now officially an OS-tan Wiki Editor!!!!!  ^____^


Hooray! Welcome to MediaWiki SleepyD!

I like your user-page, btw!


hehe, thanks all.

I joined earlier, bu hadn't done anything til now... ^_^


Yeah, I was about to approve you, but Fedora-dono beat me to the punch.  ^__^

In any case,...


SleepyD-dono just opened up a repository for links that require additional R&D....  ^v^

Be sure to help him if at all possible!  ^___^
Be forewarned of possible NSFW, though...  ^.^


QuoteYeah, I was about to approve you, but Fedora-dono beat me to the punch. ^__^


Anyhoo, someone's been stalking me at the recent changes page or something. XD

While I have already put the links in, help is still much appreciated. ^^


You got it.  ^__^

Tonight I've got finances to take care of and Panithan's banner to work on, but tomorrow I'll be back to partial swing on Wiki editing (probably more pictures...).  ^.^

I shall also look through more of these mystery links of yours.  -v-

Added after 50 minutes:

Yo SleepyD!  ^v^

Thanks a mil for adding that,... link,... i ran across..... ^___^

BTW, that's a nice template proposal you got there.  ^.^

That's to use on each of the individual OS-tan pages, correct?  ^v^


Quote from: "C-Chan"

Thanks a mil for adding that,... link,... i ran across..... ^___^

BTW, that's a nice template proposal you got there.  ^.^

That's to use on each of the individual OS-tan pages, correct?  ^v^

heh, nu problemo.

Indeed it is to be used on individual OS-tan pages. ^^

So, right now I have:
Original Creator:
Unknown, Toshiaki, Nijura, C-chan, whatever.
First appearance:
insert website/comic/whathaveyou
OS Personified:
OS Devloper:
company. Or person....  
First Released:
Latest Stable Release:

Kinda unsure if "Latest Stable Release" is needed.  What do you guys think?  Is there anything else I need to add?


For that matter, could anything from my old Annex bios be salvageable for this template?


Windows 3.11

    Name: Windows 3.11-tan
    aka:  Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1, Windows 3.x, WfW 3.11,
    Nationality: Microsoft
    DOB: 5/22/1990
    Height: 137 cm
    Weight: ?? kg
    Eye Color: Red
    Hair: Grey
    Blood Type: 16[/list]

    I don't mind "Latest Stable Release" since eventually some technical information has to be added to these articles anyway.  ^__^

    Besides, that could second as a comic device.  -.-


    Wow! I really like that Template Idea SleepyD-sama. I've noticed only one problem after playing around with it. It seems all the texts gathers at the bottom, leaving all the space to the right of it blank/
    I don't quite like all the white space, but it certainly is more organized. My proposal is we create a table within a table, so that we can post text adjacent to the info boxes

    The downside is that the words are automatically centered vertically, and adjusted depending on windows size. I haven't found a solution short of redefining width to an exact length (which would cause SO many problems when we get more members)

    Maybe this was already discussed, or should be obvious, and I'm just slow on the uptake...

    Another thing we need to clear up is standardizing the Date format. Is it, MM/DD/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD or something else?


    well, I kinda wanted it to be a little like wikipedia infoboxes, a box with quick facts.  That bottom part should just be a footnote, really, not a whole bio. ^^

    Does anyone know how to get the infobox aligned to the right side so it doesn't get in the way of article text?

    And as for date format, I'm personally attached to DD Mon YYYY, like 02 Feb 2007.  Since MM/DD/YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY are both used extensively, depending on the country.  Which of course can lead to confusion.  The format I mentioned avoids all that.

    Discuss. Discuss. ^^


    Before you discuss, discuss, I wouldn't mind a 'yes' or 'no'... `v'

    ................oh never mind.  We'll stick to confirmable facts.  -___-

    Anyway, you were asking how to align the whole table.  Just add "align = whatever" into the first Class line and you can allow the table to be positioned to the left or right side of the screen while wrapping the text next to it.  I already did it in the Windows 3.1 article that Tsubashi edited.

    {| class="infobox bordered" align = left style="width: 25em; text-align: left; font-size: 95%;"
    |+ style="font-size: larger;" | '''Windows 3.1-tan'''
    | colspan="2" style="text-align:center;" | [[Image:31-tan.gif ]]<br />
    <br />
    ! Original Creator:
    | Unknown
    ! First appearance:
    | Unknown
    ! OS Personified:
    | Windows 3.0 to 3.11
    ! OS Devloper:
    | Microsoft
    ! First Released:
    | 22 March 1990
    ! Latest Stable Release:
    | v. 3.11 December 1993

    I did misread you, so I aligned it left rather than right.  Feel free to practice by fixing that mistake.  ^^;

    And I changed both the date format to what SleepyD suggested, as well as the actual release date of 3.1-tan.  Despite major differences between 3.0 and 3.1, it's more practical to assume she's still the same OS.  ^___^

    (besides, my stories kinda depend on that....)  ^__^'


    QuoteFor that matter, could anything from my old Annex bios be salvageable for this template?

    Haha sorries.  ^^

    hm.... where exactly did you get the data for height? o.o
    Heh, not sure about physical features, but I think the "AKA" thing deserves a spot.  If an OS-tan personifies more than one OS (as in the case of different versions), I think that should go in the OS Personified part.  You did remind me of the nicknames given to the OS girls, and I think an "Also known as:" section is in order.

    there's my really drawn out semi-yes,

    and my call to
    Discuss, discuss. ^^