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Started by NewYinzer, November 07, 2006, 08:13:09 PM

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We definitely need Fedora-dono's input.  Remember, this forum was once simply part of a main project page, so i wonder if he'd be interested in resurrecting such a feature, be it Wiki-like or traditional.

A wiki would be a great way to have an OS-tan repository essentially build itself up (cause I can attest that doing one yourself is a handful...  ^^'

But it does come with the added risk of vandalism, so you really have to be sure you're committed to making the building of it a group project.  Otherwise, a quick refugee site similar to this one....

... should be enough to keep the character descriptions safe and gradually expanded until we can invest the time and resources in an OS-tan Wiki.


Well...I kinda took the wikipedia page and adapted it into a series of small blurbs. For example:

The more cutesy personification of the much maligned and infamously unreliable Windows Me Operating System, Me-tan was the first OS-tan created. She is usually known as Me-tan, but is often called Emui-san. She was created by the one now called "ME-aki". ME-tan's appearance rarely varies and is instantly recognizable. She has green hair in long pigtails and wears a maid outfit with an exclamation mark badge on the front modeled after the Windows error icon. ME-tan is a hard worker and always wants to help her master (Toshiaki), but predictably fails at everything she tries to do, and often literally crashing and irritating her sisters. When she is not frozen or out of control, she tends to do things showing a lack of common sense or knowledge, such as putting soda into a microwave oven or attempting to kill people by swinging a scallion or crowbar. In spite of, or perhaps due to, her pitiful plight, the clumsy ME-tan is one of the most beloved OS girls.


Sorry for the necropost, but we might or might not be reviving this thread with a vengeance very soon.  ^___^

Testing, testing.... -v-

See if that does anything....

Aurora Borealis

Now (most of) the OS-kuns have Wiki pictures too! Can't forget them! (although I actually not too fond of the Windows-kuns) And so do Firefox-ko and uhh.... I forgot who the pink-haired girl is! ^^;


SeaMonkey-tan.  ^v^

Have to do an Nvu-tan late, so we can preemptively salvage the Moezilla article before Wikipedia deletes it.  ^__^

Then we can work on the other missing OS-kuns (such as Kyurou-kun and the OSX-kuns, which I'm sure were the ones you had on your mind... ^__^')


QuoteAlso, I didn't know the 98-kuns existed, so I can't confirm whether those designs are canon (they're mostly depicted as young men in mechs, though).

Though I'm by no means an expert, what few renditions I've seen appear much like unto those depicted above, though I never knew their "Other Forms" were 'Mechs! better go change the Wiki.


There, I've uploaded all the OS-Kun's picture into their respective articles (except 3.1-kun, who doesn't have an article yet!)


Good work, Tsubashi-san.  
Primary Mission Objectives Complete!
The Emperor will be pleased!  ^__^

Too bad I know next to nothing about 3.1-kun, so we'll have to play his article be ear....  ^^;


QuoteToo bad I know next to nothing about 3.1-kun

I was surprised when I saw your upload of him. I've never even heard of 3.1-kun, so I'm afraid I can't really add anything to the wiki about him. Cool that you found him though!


Nothing very interesting to say there, except you're really doing an excellent and awesome work on the wiki ! Congrats ^_^


Thank you.  ^__^

Maybe keeping the discussion here is worthwhile after all.  ^v^'

Still need to change the name, though.  -.-

QuoteI was surprised when I saw your upload of him. I've never even heard of 3.1-kun, so I'm afraid I can't really add anything to the wiki about him. Cool that you found him though!

Hehe,... I can sorta relate with the 98-kuns.  ^^'
Worse comes to worse, we can always create a placeholder page with the picture, and worry about a substantial description later.  ^__^

The Nvu-tan page (when it's done) will probably look the same way.  ^.^'


Since we stopped editing Wikipedia, I have altered this thread in order to better coordinate our Wiki editing efforts. So, does anyone have anything to say?


Yo NewYinzer.  ^^

For starters, we're still wondering whether to post here or at the Discussion Panel:


Better make it the discussion panel. This thread just ain't doin' its job anymore.


Yah sure about that...?  ^.^'s got potential.  -v-


A) It's easier to keep on top of new postings here with using email notification on Wiki.  ^^

B) Less places for the global Mods to mod.  ^__^

C) I can post pictures here, but not on Discussion Panel.  -v-

Seems I'm developing a bias against my own work, but "A" and "C" are bigs things for me.  ^^;


It is my humble opinion that this thread will do a better job than the discussion page because of the the reasons mentioned above, plus...

A) It's more noticeable/accessible to the general public

B) It's easier to tell who said what

C) Segments into pages automatically

Of course, either will work so... Whatever.

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Thanks for the compliment in the Discussion page, NewYinzer-sama!

I've created Nvu and Seamonkey pages, though for lack of further knowledge and content, I filled space by providing a brief summary of what each program actually was (based off Wikipeda articles) If someone with more knowledge could expand on these (personality, variations, common actions, etc.) that would be great!

Oh! and where would We-tan go in the "List of OS-tans?" ?.?