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Started by NewYinzer, November 07, 2006, 09:13:09 pm

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Fufufu,.. yep, keep digging that grave.  -v-

In any case, here's my Wiki avi priority list:

- OS/2
- Ubuntu (to get rid of that separate Ubuntu article)
- All of Juzo-kun's Linux-tans
- Nvu, SeaMonkey, Opera, Firefox.


OS-tan article in wikipedia.
At 6 Dec, now we have in this article in 8 languages.
They are in English, Spain, France, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai.
In Thai, I think I'll do the lists_of_OS-tan, Moezilla articles too, since the person who has edit earlier still lacks the detail for each OS-tans.
would be a good template for me.

my user profile (it's nothing right now TT ^ TT)

In Thai:

For the Vistan wiki AVI, should I put them in as part of Longhorn section or add the other section for Vista separately?


Good luck, Panithan!  ^v^
Make sure to write sweet things about Amiga-chan!  ^__^

Oh, and two things.  -v-

1) Having trouble seeing your User Profile


2) The current article already renamed the Longhorn section to Vista, but left the Longhorn AVI as she's still talked about a bit at the beginning.
I would do the same since Longhorn is still technically "Vista", unlike Neptune and Odyssey who were whole separate Windows OSes that were eventually scrapped.  ^^'

Aurora Borealis

Quote from: "C-Chan"Fufufu,.. yep, keep digging that grave.  -v-

In any case, here's my Wiki avi priority list:

- OS/2
- Ubuntu (to get rid of that separate Ubuntu article)
- All of Juzo-kun's Linux-tans
- Nvu, SeaMonkey, Opera, Firefox.

I have a fairly stupid question but what do you exactly mean by Juzo-kun's Linux-tans:

1. Just the Linux distro-tans that her rendition is the only known one of


2. For all 10 of the Linux distro-tans she drew, you're making wiki avis for only her renditions?


Oh no, Aurora's getting jealous again.  ^v^;

Don't worry,... We're just calling them "Juzo-kun's" Linux-tans cause I don't feel like listing out each and every name in the Wikipedia article.  But the avatars themselves will be drawn based on the renditions available.  Arch Linux-tan, for example, will be a carbon copy of her's since she's the only one who's drawn one, but Ubuntu-tan should mix elements of her's and the Betty Boop one, and likewise with Redhat-tan, her's and yours.

That should also give us the excuse to expand a little on the article itself, since as it is now the Linux distros section is quite outdated.  ^___^;

You know I take good care of you.  -v-

Save your worries for when we get to PalmOS-tan. `v'

Aurora Borealis

Oh yeah... trying to combine our renditions of Palm OS-tan... That is going to be the hardest compromise to attempt! (yours has short silver hair, mine has long blue hair, yours is a genie, mine is a fairy and pilot girl, mine is also more than 1 ft. tall...)

And thanks for clarifying what I said in my last post! ^^


Mmmmmmmm-hmmmmmm....  -v-

I have an idea on how to resolve that little issue, but we'll worry about that when we get there.  For now, there are bigger and better things to work on.... -.-


My user info in English Wiki was nothing right now. But I planned to do it when I have a time.
In Thai Wiki, the address was too long, so it goes only the first line.


It told us that Windows Vista have 6 editions.
So, there must be 6 variations of Vis-tan. Right?
Which Windows Vista Edition should the screwy ninja girl be?


Oh yeah, NewYinzer left some recommendations of that somewhere.  Wait until he stops by and you can ask him -- he's a Vista guru of sorts.  ^__^


I was crossing this page earlier on and wish to edit or should I say add some of it >>>

As I wish to edit, I saw that there are no "codes" for that columned table for that article...

[sigh... -_-' ]


I didn't even now that listing in Wiki existed.... Ã,¬__Ã,¬

BTW, not sure if anyone's noticed or not, but they're trying to delete the List of OS-tans article in what seems to be the greatest Purist attack threatening that board for months.  -____-'

Time for battlestations, editors!  ^0^


I think we can succeed through nonviolence (obviously). I think it's time for our bloated info page on Wikipedia to blossom into several small "info" pages located here so that the information can be preserved for those interested. It looks like the Wiki page is going to be deleted or merged, so we better be gearing up to deliver our info database here once the page closes. I really can't blame the purists. They want a small, concise info page, not a giant essay. Now who's with me!


It can't be helped I guess.  -v-

I'm already experienced with the Annex, so you know I am.  Representing OS-tans is my specialty.  ^__^

Either we can resurrect the old "OS-tan Wiki" idea that SleepyD was talking about before, or we can use some spare webspace to create a separate page for the OS-tan descriptions (in other words, not in the easily forgettable forum format like with my Annex).

I have a website I can use, but maybe Fedora-dono might be interested in having this "website" be on this server (e.g.,


I like the Wiki Idea. I've even made a data file with all the old data from the Wikipedia page, before it was blown up to make room for a bypass. If someone knows how to make Wiki files, we can get started!

To get yinz started, look here:

I've got a few things to attend to, so I probably won't be able to start construction right away. If no one helps, prepare for a boring, white-page database in good, old HTML.


I kinda expected that someone would end up proposing that for deletion.

For reasons they state, verifiability and stuffs.
How the heck does one cite Japanese online sources, and an image board whose content changes every hour, every minute? no internet archive can possibly record everything on there. Wikipedia's rules aren't very nice to a subject such as OS-tans, where verifiable sources are quite lacking.

Merge is a good idea... And an OS-tan wiki is probably a good idea as well.  I mean I bet if half the articles on Memory Alpha ended up on wikipedia, they'd all get deleted. I'm not much of a programmer (yet heh) but I think I'd enjoy editing individual articles on OS-tans instead of a List of all of them that's bound to get bloated.