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Started by NewYinzer, November 07, 2006, 08:13:09 PM

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Since we stopped editing Wikipedia, I have altered this thread in order to better coordinate our Wiki editing efforts. So, does anyone have anything to say?


Excellent, dude!  ^v^

Don't forget that I'm your dedicated Wiki Avi maker.  ^__^
If you want, I can also post new drawn and collaged avis here.  -v-

Don't forget this page:

Since I'd like to offer Wiki avis to replace those stripped away due to copyright crap.  -v-


just a thought... I havent read the articles recently.. but ive seen alot of frivilus stuff taken down off of wiki recently.. So just dont get carried away posting stuff up.  But im sure you know more then me
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.


That's why they have to be very careful with what they post.  For now, the editors should concentrate on updating the written material (such as the OSX girls entry) and I will make Wiki avis for all the -tans that don't have them yet.  (no -kuns, though.... Ã,¬__Ã,¬)

Any new additions should be added only if there is:

A) Enough supporting artwork
B) A meaty-enough description that can be posted immediately, and
C) A wiki avi propped and ready, to make it look more "official".

I'd love to see the Linux-distros section expanded, so that each distros can get its section (and eliminate that silly stand-alone Ubuntu entry).

Oh, and be sure to keep backups of the whole article, in case purists decide to get cute.  `v'


When I get around to it, I'll try to refine each section, one by one.  For now, I'll just keep a close eye on recent edits for grammatical errors and such.

As for the Linux distros, I do not believe I know enough to be able to write a sufficient section on it....


Which is why you have me.  ^__^

With Kami-Tux playing hookie and Linux-Tan perpetually without Internet Access, I'm afraid to say I'm the only one left who can offer a word or two about the Linux....  ^^;

So I can definitely help you write all that up, but at a later date of course (once their avis are ready).

In the meantime, I've got OS8's Wiki Avi ready!  ^__^

Made a compromise between Aurora's design and the younger version with the bomb diaper currently on Wiki.  Technically it's the same girl, only older (say early teens), and wearing Aurora's clothes (since the baby one doesn't have any.... ^^;).  While innocent as the young girl in the Mac Manga, I figure her spirit is now strong, outgoing and perhaps a bit tomboyish, so I combined the apple swimcap + apple taskbar bandanna to make an army-style beret [sort of].  -v-
Also have her roughed-up a bit, but still not willing to draw any painful prosthetics on her yet.  -___-

Aurora Borealis

*squeals with delight* Awesome job! Must have been kinda hard trying to think of a compromise for OS 8-tan because my rendition and the "official" one are quite completely different except for the haircolor, eye color and general hairstyle! I approve!  ;010


Thank you, Aurora-sama.  ^__^

Sort of a bit of trouble, but like you said you already had the right hair color, eye color and general hair style.  -v-

You're design won the majority rule, though, since it actually had clothing and a real personality to boot.  ^^'

The cute baby one had the characteristic hat, though, so had to import that.  -v-

And the Mac Manga version didn't contribute any additional detail (except for a simple shirt, which you're already had, and a VERY suspicious-looking prison collar which I don't even want to imagine what it's for...  ^^:).  That version stands out as an intermediary, say Tempo-chan circa 6 years old.

So to recap:

Baby Version:  toddler
Mac Manga Version:  child
Aurora version:  young adolescent (not shy about picking fights).  ^^;


*falls out of blimp*
Hi everybody! It seems that C-Chan has finally exceeded my number of posts! Anyway, I better get down to Wikipedia in order to add the latest avi! I'll see yinz later!
*gets in YS-11*
*YS-11 takes off*


..................Wow, you're right.  Jeez, I didn't realize that....  O_O'
Oh well, don't worry.  ^__^
I'm gonna be booked all next week, so there'll be plenty of opportunities to surpass me.  Besides, the Captain seems to be upping his ante, so my suspicion is that he'll fight tooth and nail to reclaim the top spot.  ^v^'

Now then, phenomenal work on the Wiki Avi upload!  ^v^
Course, now that's she's been drawn by a number of artists, we can get rid of the whole "one-shot" thing.  -v-
Later down the line, I'll likely make a Mac-tan compilation pic which will feature a cool rendition of the older Tempo-chan....  ^__^

BTW, your choice of aircraft seems like a dull departure from the ekranoplan..... ^^'

Just to recap my Wiki editing requests:

A) Remove OS8-tan's "one-shot" status.
B) Clarify that DOS/V-tan is a variant of PC-DOS.
C) On, please edit our site description to something like this:

    "A dedicated OS tan forum for international users.  Aside from actively collecting  OS-tan pictures, downloadables and winamp skins, members are also engaged in an ongoing fancomic, OS-tan comic translations and the creation of new OS-tans.  "


This is good, we have our own Wiki editors thread concerning OS tans (this needs to be pinned)!

By the way, do you guys think that we should put this site as "guardians" of both articles in their discussion pages. I think there's our chance to get recognize....


A little bump guys!

Wouldn't be good if some of you guys made a Wiki avatar on Juzo-kun's Linux tan rendition>?


Hidoi Alfamille!  UWAAAAAAAH!!!!  ;^0^;


Even after I vowed to make wiki avis for all of Juzo-kun's Linux-tans,... *sniff* make it sound as if I said no such thing.....  ;____;

Oh poor me,.... Woe is me.....  ;~;

*wanders off to mope somewhere*


Speaking of Wiki AVI's, my senses tell me that the Vista ninja and screwy schoolgirl designs have all but been settled upon.  So to prempt for this likely possibility, I've collaged these two:

Upload to Wiki at your leisure.  ^__^


Quote from: "C-Chan"Hidoi Alfamille!  UWAAAAAAAH!!!!  ;^0^;


Even after I vowed to make wiki avis for all of Juzo-kun's Linux-tans,... *sniff* make it sound as if I said no such thing.....  ;____;

Oh poor me,.... Woe is me.....  ;~;

*wanders off to mope somewhere*

Sorry, I don't recall anything about that.  ;063