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Look out!

Started by MisterCat, September 07, 2006, 03:34:11 PM

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mmm cake.  

...speaking of which, I haven't seen the captain lately either....
(as to why cake recalls the captain, ask C-Chan)

...I am grossly off topic, but eh. ^^


*waves at Q4(V)-san but says nothing to not steer away from topic*


*has forgot the original topic*

Hiya Qam-san! ^__^ Long time no see, but there'll be no cake before I get out from the lectures (that is, in four hours from now). :D

Better stick around again this time. T_T


he's back! after... more than... 24 hours? lol that's what (V)

And yeah, this thing is off topic, maybe we can have the party in the member (re)introduction thread? ^^


err we could go to the (re)introduction thread, we could ... but weren't not

and the (V) is a M, but u could say it looks like a bat or a copy of this: