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Started by L33t 4g3nt, April 28, 2005, 12:50:52 AM

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Lets see here.....

Ranma 1/2
Sailor Moon (all 5 seasons + movies + musicals + Live action)
Elfen Lied
Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu
Vandread: 2nd Stage
Scrapped Princess
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone Complex
Dominion Tank Police

and a Bunch of others that I am unable to remember off the top of my head


man u guys have a lot of anime and manga, me with only 200gb and next week i'm goin to get 400gb of anime/manga .... but i can't remember the name to them:
Da capo
Excal saga
three full metal panic
final fantasy last orders
school day, which is game but some1 use the clip from to make a show
something tht begins with V and something that begins with M and some other can't remember like i said

..... 400gb next week lol


Anyone read mahoromatic?  I just got vol 7 and man is it getting good.  Turning out way better then the shitty ending they gave the anime. Remind me to hunt down the anime makers responsible for that.
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Ooh, so the Mahoromatic volume 7 is out now? I've had the six first books for months now, but the seventh hadn't appeared in the leading manga bookstore in the capital city the last time I checked in. Nice, something to look forward to reading. ^_^


bwahaha, all I can say is its the most emotional volume yet, and minawachan kicks ASS.  do not cross her..
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wht's mahoromatic abt any way i never hear of it.


OH!!  Anyone ever watch Blood: The last Vampire?  It was a very short ova a while back, pretty good.  It was one of the first flicks I remember where I was happy with how the CGI blended with the standard animation. The plot was interesting but full of holes... and the voice acting (least in the dubbed version I saw) was kinda poor and sluggish.  

Come to think of it, the famous AMV for Mitternucht used clips from it, and vampire hunter d.  

Anyhow, I just found a recent tv series done based off that original OVA. Ive only watched 2 episodes but I already like what I see. I saggest you guys look it up if you do the fan sub thing.
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Gunsmith Cat

I think everyone needs to see Genshiken, it reminds me a lot of Otaku no Video in many respects, it's basically about an otaku club at some college and the stuff that goes on in the club and it's very amusing as well as something that some of us can relate to in a lot of ways. Anyways go d/l it, buy it whatever just go see it. I've been into this stuff so long I'm not even going to try to list all the stuff I've seen, all I know is that if I would have just saved all the money I've spent on anime/anime paraphenalia I could probably have put a down payment on a house by now.


QuoteQuote from : Q4(V)

wht's mahoromatic abt any way i never hear of it.

Sorry, I missed the question the first time... ^^;

Mahoromatic tells a story of a retired combat android Mahoro, who's in the shape of about 17-year-old girl. She moves in to live with this younger kid Suguru Misato-san. The series/manga is pretty ecchi, but(/and) dang funny all the time. Mahoro's really cool. ^_^

Oh well, I couldn't come up with a longer description. :|

Gunsmith Cat

Plot Summary: Vesper is a secret agency fighting an army of alien invaders by using super-powerful battle androids. Mahoro is Vesper's most powerful battle android and has won many battles, but she has little operating time left and soon will cease to function. However, if she lays down her arms and conserves her remaining power, the time she has left can be prolonged to just over a year. Mahoro is given an opportunity to live the remaining time she has as a normal human. She chooses to live as a maid for Suguru, a phenomenally messy high school student who lives by himself after his family passed away.


Genshiken is very awesome. Ohno is my idol! *^^*

I started watched Suzumiya Haruhi no yuutsu (The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi) the other day, and so far I am loving it! Haruhi is absolutely weird.. she's super nuts o.o But I'll have to watch more to figure out whats going on exactly XD;

Also, Black Jack 21 rules me, by far. Everyone should see Black Jack 21. Yes. Don't even question! I'll post a better review of BJ21 sometime..
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umm ok here is my list. note it is broad for a man

Full animes completed:
Neon Genesis Evangelion (includes the End of Evangelion and Death & Rebirth if D&R is considered something different)
Negima (subbed)
Fushigi yugi
Magical shopping arcade abenoshi (might of butchered that last part)
Elven Lied
Wandaba Style
My Dear Marie
The DragonBall series (I thought at least of finishing up this one)
Witch Nurse Kumugi
Kare Kano(His and her circumstances)

Animes I have seen almost all or some of it:
UFO Ultramaiden Valkerie
Pokemon (forgot the last time I even watched the series)
E's Otherwise
Full metal panic
full metal panic fumoffu
Love Hina
Naruto ( up to episode 180 so far he he he)
Gravion: Zwei
full metal panic
one piece
Zatch Bell
Desert Punk
Revolutionary girl Utena
Bo Bo Bobobo
Samuri Champloo
Cowboy Bebop
R. Kenshin
Cutey Honey
Lupin the III
Ranma 1/2
Angelic Layer

Mangas I have completed:
Marmalade Boy
Fushigi Yugi
Love Hina
Neon genesis evangelion

Mangas I have partially read:
Cowboy Bebop
Alice 19th
Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden
Ah!! My Goddess
Eyeshield 21
Kare Kano
Ranma 1/2
Angelic layer
Imadoki! Nowadays
Mermaid Saga's
Rumic World Threater
One piece

Well that is my list but i might of missed some.  And its always growing thanks to On demand from Comcast (a cable operator), my blockbuster online account, library, and friends.


Pretty impressive list, Ill have to recompile mine with everything ive seen since I made my post cus its gotten much bigger.  Noticing that you have bothe eva and Foolycooly on there, you should check out the amnoboshi magical shopping arcade, Im fairly cirtain its done by the same guy the art is great and it is absolutly halarios.
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QuoteQuote from : CaptBrenden

Pretty impressive list, Ill have to recompile mine with everything ive seen since I made my post cus its gotten much bigger.  Noticing that you have bothe eva and Foolycooly on there, you should check out the amnoboshi magical shopping arcade, Im fairly cirtain its done by the same guy the art is great and it is absolutly halarios.

Lol, its already up there, it is just that the words are jumbled a little. And it was an awesome anime, crazy but awesome.  and I listed Full metal panic twice, I meant to use Full metal Alchemist.  

An addition to my anime/manga list

Completed anime series:
Mahoromatic (Favorite Quote from series: Bitty Booby Attack!!!)

Anime's I have seen and have not completed:
This Beautiful Yet Ugly World (Another from Gainax. creator of Eva and FLCL)
Kaleido Star
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
Eureka Seven

Manga That I have  partially read:
Battle Angel Alita
Eyeshield 21 (Been having a hard time finding the rest of this)


hummm... actually I did catch that.. I thought I corrected my post. This vexes me, Im terribly vexed.

Actually, Mahoromatic is one of my all time faves.  Tho, one time I was told that I like depressing animes, and it seems about right.  Mahoromatic for example, as funny as it is, it also tears me up inside, its a dammned tragedy.  Having lost my dad to cancer.. that sort of.. ticking down the days thing was very painfull.  In essance, mahoromatic is one of those cancer making the best of the time left storys with an anime twist.  

HOWEVER, the anime strait up dicked it up.  It was wonderfull right up till the end, when they compleated the series before the manga.. and once again a wonderful series gets a dicked up ending that makes no sence (ala evangelion style tho not as bad)

If you liked the series read the damned books.  Youll fall in love with the characters all over again.. and see how so much more there is to that series.  There were parts in that book that sent shivers down my spine and made me tear up.  The ending of the series wasnt compleatly off the mark.. but its dilivery and details were all fudged ruining its impact.  

For example (ill try to explain some differences without spoilers)  Minawa in the show was just a... sidekick if you will. she played no real impact on the overall story.  however, in the books.. the "scrapping" of her fello cyborgs, 369, management.  it all comes togeather... and the show didnt do that

anyhow.. i relaly cant say more about it without spoiling it. just go get it and read it right now. I mean RIGHT NOW.

also if you like those happy yet sad tragedy storys, check out one of my other all time favs, Gunslinger Girl (humm I think Ill have to write a review on that one later.)
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