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Let's Talk Anime/Manga

Started by L33t 4g3nt, April 28, 2005, 01:50:52 am

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FMP (s1) is a mecha anime, mainly. And it's not all that awesome as one. But fumoffu is a gag anime, WITH mechas and awesomeness of things hardly ever seen before. THAT is totalitarian awesomeness.
(still haven't seen TSR thou ^^)


Full Metal Panic is a series with something for everyone:
- Mecha
- Violence
- Romance
- Ecchi
- Comedy

The original and fumoffu are hard to compare. I like both of them for different reasons. I like the first for being a good solid mecha series. I like fumoffu for being a very entertaining love comedy. TSR is a very good series in itself - it balances both extremes very well and really comes together in the end. If you really want a good solid anime show to watch whenever, FMP is for teh win.

Also recommended:
- Code Geass: Like mecha with an incredibly solid plot and character development? Try it - it really hits the spot!
- Love Hina: The unparalleled love comedy of the 2000's - one of the series every anime fan should experience!
- Spirited Away: Not anything like FMP, but a good movie with timeless animation! Miyazaki's films are hard to forget...