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Let's Talk Anime/Manga

Started by L33t 4g3nt, April 28, 2005, 01:50:52 am

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 Well, I heard that Samuri Champloo is good. Havn't watched it yet... Although I do have it...

L33t 4g3nt

 ehh...more of those Cartoon Network Adult Swim animes...

I don't watch TV as much anymore...I just download fansubs.


 Ugh... I've seen over 50 anime... haven't read much Manga though...  I'm currently in Progress with:

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Gunslinger Girl
Shamanic Princess
Evangelion (almost done with this one...)
Azumanga Daioh

Hellsing (Manga)
xxxHOLiC (Manga)

*sigh*  I need more Hard Drive Space...  I'll get some descriptions later... really tired...


QUOTE (L33t 4g3nt @ May 14 2005, 05:27 PM)
ehh...more of those Cartoon Network Adult Swim animes...

I don't watch TV as much anymore...I just download fansubs. [/quote]

it's on adult swim? I did not know that...

I just heard that it's good.

An upcoming show that I really want to see is Burst Angle, which sounds super good.

Oh, Gantz is a must see if you have not.

And the Ah! My Goddess series is real good(not the OVA or movie, the TV series)

L33t 4g3nt

QUOTE (FabianN @ May 14 2005, 11:31 PM)

it's on adult swim? I did not know that...

I just heard that it's good.

An upcoming show that I really want to see is Burst Angle, which sounds super good.

Oh, Gantz is a must see if you have not.

And the Ah! My Goddess series is real good(not the OVA or movie, the TV series) [/quote]
I think I heard it was on Adult Swim...I'm not sure...

L33t 4g3nt

 Coming Soon on Let's Talk Anime...

Kannazuki no Miko**

*Short Note*

This...This...This is one of the greatest animes I have ever seen!!! I'm sooo moved by it that I can barely write. I...I'm going to cry because it's so touching. The emotion. The love and romance. I haven't been this moved since Maria-sama ga Miteru.

I'll write my review about it some in the near future, 'cause im going to watch it again. If I were you, I would go download this anime from one of the fansub sites - Static Subs did a very good job at subbing the anime.

**Actually Kannaduki no Miko ("-zu-" and "-du-" are both the same and do not change the meaning of the word.)

L33t 4g3nt

  • Kannaduki no Miko

    Kannaduki no Miko has by far become one of my favorite animes out there. Despite critical reviews, majority of which criticize the mecha aspect of the anime (which I agree with), I believe that the story behind the anime is very exceptional. The animation was very good, even though the mechas look cheezy. The OP and ED songs were very appropriate for the anime and its story.

    Kannaduki no Miko is about two young girls, Himemiya Chikane and Kurusugawa Himeko. Set in a quiet town surrounded by nature. A town so quiet where one would never think anything bad will happen. Then suddenly, on the girls' 16th birthday, a centuries old curse reveal itself, in the form of a giant mecha that is piloted by Himeko's possessed childhood friend, Souma (something). Souma then realizes that he is attack the one person he has loved his entire life, Himeko. Chikane and Himeko must now assume the roles of the Sun and Moon shrime maidens to defeat the evil behind the curse. (errr...I think I plagiarized somewhere...)

    Kannaduki no Miko, looking beyond the mecha, is a tried and true love story. I cannot emphasize that point enough. Many viewers are detracted from the anime because of the mecha. I ask myself "why mecha?" but I assume the creators wanted to be 'unique.' Where was I...A love story between the two main characters, who happen to be both girls. Yes, I know yuri...Yuri is so great, isn't it? In my opinion, yuri dramas have more depth and complexity, compared to regular boy x girl dramas (I don't want to think of yaoi animes...eww). This aspect of the anime was the one that touched me so much. I admit that I am a sucker for angsy romance stories, even if I'm a guy. In her heart, Chikane is deeply in love with Himeko. Being from a rich family and coupled with her immense popularity, she can get anything she wants, but not true love. It's sort of a cliche with these kinds of characters where they are showered with everything and the love they given usually is very superficial. They also don't have true friends, because everyone thinks of them as people who are on a different level than the regular people, like royalty. Now, with Himeko, she is the first person that acknowledges Chikane as a regular person-disregarding all the formalities that had accompanied Chikane's status. Himeko becomes Chikane's first true friend. They were like two halves that fit perfectly together. Soon they find out that their meeting and their close relationship was not coincidental. Their relationship had existed from centuries ago in their previous life.

    I haven't even gone over the details of this drama. Souma had been Himeko's friend since childhood. Souma's feelings for Himeko have not faltered since then. Now comes the twist in the story, Himeko is split between Souma's confession of his feelings, and her own feelings for Chikane. Chikane, of course, hid her true feelings of love from Himeko as not to scare her away. Chikane then suppresses her true feelings for Himeko as she supports Himeko's relationship with Souma. She suppresses her grief and angst with a smile and a helping hand. Chikane is the type of person that would do anything to make the person she loves happy, even if she, herself, suffers.  

    At a point in the anime, which I do not want to describe in detail because of major spoilers, that ancient evil/curse interferes with Chikane and Himeko's relationship. In the end they realize their true feelings for each other.

    (phew...it's so hard to write a review for this anime because it is so hard for me to find the right words to describe it.)


 you guys are lucky, you have CN, apparently, I'm just too lazy to subscribe for it... Hmm.. Also, what does that "OOC" stuff stand for anyways? I've been seeing it so lately, I just need to figure out what it stands for...

L33t 4g3nt

 "OOC" means "Out of Character." I'm used to RPing, so when I type OOC, that means that what is said does not pertain to the subject of the topic. Like this anime thread.  


QUOTE (YzakB4DDRG @ Jun 5 2005, 01:07 PM)
you guys are lucky, you have CN, apparently, I'm just too lazy to subscribe for it... Hmm.. Also, what does that "OOC" stuff stand for anyways? I've been seeing it so lately, I just need to figure out what it stands for... [/quote]
actully, I don't watch CN much... last time was a few months ago.

I get my anime from the local comic book store. It's $2 for two days rental.

L33t 4g3nt

 Expensive...I download, but I used to buy anime whenever I see anything I really have to have.

L33t 4g3nt

 Coming soon on Let's Talk Anime...



updated review on Kannaduki no Miko


 egads.  Blockhead me posts in the wroung forum about Ken Akamatsus work and every one is talking about it here o.O

He is by far my favorite manga artist.  However I think no one mentioned AI Love You so far.  I think it was his first masive manga work. Anyways its about a dweb alot like Keitaro exep he is a genius at computers.  Out of fustration for sucking with the ladies he creates an AI girl on his computer for a girlfriend.  A freak accident brings her to life.  The rest of the manga is him and her developing their relationship while she tries to become more and more human.  Another exelent manga in the "exotic girlfriend" catagory

Love Hina is still my favorite.  It really shows how well Akamatsu creates his characters.  I too have seen it and have all 14 books as I am a rabid fanatic for the series.  My favorite part is books 11-12 (love hina again timeframe) where keitaros little sister Kanako shows up to cause much havoc.  She was my favorite character in that series (followed closely by shinobu) but I think she is a misunderstood character by anyone who has just seen the anime.

The amount of material cut from the last 4 books of the manga could practicly make a second love hina series instead of a 3 episode mini series.  In the anime Kanako is potrayed as just an obstical, heck almost a villan, that the hero must overcome to be with the girl he love (violent donkey punching girl that she is), but in the manga she is a very in depth character that really was ment to be addition circle of girls around him.  She also added a very real and very serios love triangle to the series.  Through out the whole first part of the series it is very evident who he would end up with because the compition was either in denial (motoko) or too shy to do anything (shinobu).  But kanako was very proactive and a very real and eminent threat to Naru which added alot of spice to the story.  I also like her for that fact.  She was the only girl that never once did anything to him.  She always stood up for him, was always honest how she felt about him, was always devoted to him, and even (in the single most awsome scean in the manga) intercepts the dreaded naru punch and delivers a counter attack.  Dispite the being his adopted sister, she really did love him and showed it in her every action, down to giving him to naru because its what would make him happy.  It kind of hurt knowning she lost to a violent abusive tornado like Naru (dont get me wroung, Im not a Naru hater, I love her along with the whole rest of the cast but she isnt prime girlfriend material).  

Oh and if anything makes getting the last few books worth it, seeing Motoko write sleasy romance novels and failing the enterence exams does it XD

As for negima its quickly becoming my second favorite.  Who knows? It may just dethrone love hina.  It is very good.  Everything love hina had Akamatsu has tried to include at least two fold.  Instead of a group of 5 girls, is an entire class of I think 30 some odd girls, who all seem to be even more bizzar then the last bunch.  And one of the best improvements is the hero is an (as akamatsu himself discribed him) Anti Keitaro.  Instead of a dweeby no life perverted collage failure that seems to drive girls from him,  he is a young extreamly intelegent proper boy.  Not spaztastic, dosent (for the most part) jump to silly conclusions you get the Idea.  

Ive got the manga books 1-5, plus i think books 7-9 or 10 in fan translations (pm me if your interested in getting them from me) plus fan sub anime episodes 1-15 (so far, give me about 5 days and ill have the rest).  As always the manga is better, but thats always because of how much material the have to cut to fit it into a animated series. Often one episode is many of the individual comics combined.  

Another highly disagreable change is due to the animes target audiance nearly all of the fan service has been removed.  Heresy! Blasphemy! The sacralige I hear you say!  But fear not the series dispite the lack of mass gratuidus panty shots (only Akamatsu can in one frame give you pantie shots for an entier class of 30 cute girls.  Akamatsu I salute you.) is still a winner.  

Very funny, awsome characters, great music.  There is already one priticular track Im looking for on MP3.  Ive only heard it in the series once but it when (EGADS! dont read if you havent read book 3 of the manga) Evangeline (my favorite character in this series. pipsqueak vampires rock) is falling towards the water her powers having been resealed and the main character dives over the bridge to save her even though he dosent have his wand.  She has a flashback to when she was saved by his father, and how she fell in love with him and was rejected, and how the battle in which she had her powers sealed by him was because she had refused to accept it and had followed him to the ends of the earth to try to get him to love her, and his subsequent promis to return one day and lift the curse after she had learned to live in the light.  During the whole flashback they are playing the very.. how can i describe it how it make you feel?   I cant think of a word for it, but its like that feeling you get when you think about the one that got away.  Its a bit sad, but still filled with a sence of love.  Its got a beautiful female singer in the background singing in latin.  very moving peice applied to one of the best parts of both the manga and anime.  

SPOILER OVER.  you may read again thank you.
Anyhow.  I got the anime over BitTorrent but if anyone wants to take a gander at it it may be faster to get it from me over a messanger service file transfer.  Same with the later manga installments, but i dont have book 6 (as it will be released shortly in the US).

As you can tell I am quite the fan of Akamatsu. I would love to go to japan and become an assistant to him and learn his art, but I dont even speak japanese (yet). Come to think of it are there any americans working in true japanese manga?  I should research that.

Anyhow, here is a quick list of other series ive seen or read of the top of my head (Ill put my long winded comentary in on them some other time)

AI Love you
Love hina
Tokeyo Babolon
Gundam Wing
The Ring 1&2, spiral, and birthday
Ranma 1/2
Rune Soldier
Chrono Crusade
Miyuki-chan in wonderland
Gunsmith Cats
full Metal Alchemist

Love Hina
Full Metal Panic, Full metal panic Second Raid
Robotech (all three original series, and Zero)
Ranma 1/2 seasons 1-7
Blood the last vampire
Jin Ron
the cat returns
spirited away
grave of the fireflies
princess mononoke
castle in the sky
my neighbor totoro
rune soldier
slayers, next, try, movie
tenchi, universe, tokyo, and all three movies
Mahoro-matic, something more beautiful, summer special,
Sailor Moon
gundam wing
dragon ball z (unfortunatly. i want the hours of my life i spent watching it back)
Ghost in the shell 1&2
Milenum actress
fruits basket
vampire hunter d
Lablue girl, returns
Twin Angels
Dragon Pink
Galexy express 9000
apple seed (new and old)

gah theres alot more but my brain hurts from trying to recall them all. Ill update the list another time o.O

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L33t 4g3nt

 phew...you wrote a lot...i cant even get to write up a review for AIR...


Let's talk anime/manga later, i'd talk more about Akamatsu's work, but my hands are covered in blisters...

IM me, check for the SN at the bottom of my posts and stuff.


ALSO, remind me to continue with the anime/manga reviews...im lacking at the moment the ability to write, but remind me if you're going to IM me

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Whoa...all those animes that all you people have seen...i feel small...
Well, here's my list (and short review):

-Neon Genesis Evangelion:
Some people love it, some others hate it. Anyway, it's a good series, and it was my first downloaded anime. But for some reason, when I see it for a 2nd time, it doenst seem as shocking as the 1rst time.

-Full Metal Panic!:
My favourite anime so far. Its just the same story: though guy who doesnt know anything about society ends with the beautiful girl (and by some weird reason, both of them dont dare to tell to the other their feelings, even when its so obvious...Ã,¬Ã,¬)....but somehow, its still great. I dont know if it was the way the story developed, the fact that the main character was a military psycho, all the funny situations or the tons of explosions, weapons and mecha  xD, but i like it. And the mecha design, in my opinion, its the best of all I have seen ever

-Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu:
FUNNY! and Bonta-kun rules!

-Full Metal Panic!: The second Raid:
Not a lot to say. I liked it a lot, but i'd preffered it to last more than 13 episodes. I want a 3rd (or 4th?) season!!! Its a must!!

-Gundam Seed:
mmm...good, I like it, but the character design looks a bit weird O_o. The mechs are fine (specially the Strike Freedom), but a little bit too overdecorated (this goes for every Gundam Series...)

-Gundam Seed Destiny:
Also good...I dont have a lot of things to say here...

-Full Metal Alchemist:
2nd favourite anime so far. I dont know, it has a large story, and in some chapters it flaws a bit, but the final episodes...the end...ah, i wanna see the  movie T.T

-Elfen Lied:
Blood, TONS of blood. Just seeing the first minute you know that this anime will be a bloody one. The first episodes arent bad, but I like more the final episodes. Too short, but the story its well fitted to the few 13rd episodes. I see dead people...

-Uchuu no Stellvia:
The classic and old school argument...but this time, the students have more things to worry than their homework, exams or romantic situations...they have to save the world from its destruction by a meteor rain?Ah, and their school its a giant (compared to actual) space station. Nothing special, if u have a lot of freetime and dont have a use for your broadband, maybe you should give it a try

Saw this almost complete, i missed 2 or 3 episodes....ah...the days when I still watched TV xD. My 2nd favourite Mech design: realistic and yet stylized (yeah, realistic...no beam guns, no eternal jet propulsors that doesnt need any fuel, no invincible armor, etc)

-Samurai Champloo:
Well, i learned something new: in the japanese medieval era japanese people liked the hip hop. Not bad, Its fine, but i havent finished yet...im not used to not seeing mechas...xP

-Love Hina:
Still downloading. Both anime and manga

Still trying to get it borrowed

And thats all. Here in Mexico we dont have Adult Swim=/. So I depend on the Internet (and the expensive and few anime stores here...)