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Animated XP-tan desktop?

Started by Rock843, September 10, 2006, 06:07:46 pm

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thanx for the sidebar link nejin! <D alky was giving me issues >~> so i'll try this one.


I was just remembering something similar in practice that might prove useful to anyone trying to create this interactive desktop OS-tan. There used to be quite a few game back in the day that had interactive features that allowed you to "adopt" a pet which would just roam around your screen and play with ya while you did other things on your desk top. I remember that you could fully interact with your pet, and I had the mods that allowed your pets to play with any folders on your desktop (opening them, or moving the around) also, you would be able to click on them to interact with them (this could prove fun with OS-tan).

If someone knew the base programing matrix used for those interactive "pet" games, then creating an OS-tan desktop interactive would be as simple as making new images and setting vectors.

Send me a Pm if ya guys get any headway with his stuff ^_^

(I have good idea, I'm just too lazy to follow through without someone else pushing me along)
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I have ALKY and it works great. I have the sidebar too so I'll be giving the gadget a look at. although XP chan looks nice I've never seen a vistan one It was cute.
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I was thinking if this is a trick were isi it and how did they did it because in some of the videos in youtube the are some icon behind the girl and i cant see them when she moves and when the user moves the mouse he selects something and that jumping effect its as u guys would say "wheres the dam pause button" lol how is that efect done and I want to know where this video started and how did they did it because I saw one in vista and other in xp and had had icons behind her
ore maybe some one with apricot removed the background with photo shop



Oh wait, it already happened. Crap.