Started by Aurora Borealis, September 10, 2006, 12:22:18 am

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Aurora Borealis

Quote from: "C-Chan"Okay, back.  ^.^

This calls for a REPOST!!!!!!!  ^V^

[insert repost here]



It's a classic!



Did you just explode again? ;012

BTW, congratulations on your 40th ZS comic panel!  Given that there was an alpha version, it still strikes me as amazing how much volume of creativity has come out of your hands!  You truly are one in a million, Aurora-hime!  ;^____^;

*resumes swoon*

Thank you so much! I think you are also one in a million as well, you have made a lot of brilliant characters with rich and deep backstories and of course there is the Annex project that you made that is simply awesome, even genius! And although the original thread died a year ago, all the ideas still live on!

Oh yeah... the alpha version of ZS... Since that was 29 pages, technically the latest page up is page 70! However, ZS Alpha wasn't very good- hence why I started over and ZS is back, better than ever!

Aaaaaaaaah,... youth is wasted on the young.  ^____^
Except in Aurora-hime's case, in which case it's well-employed and then some.  ^.^

Thanks! :D

Oro?  You didn't know?  It's not like I wouldn't belittle Lin-chan for no good reason... OvO

Oh my gosh! That explains it all! Linspire signing that Patent Protection contract, liscensed some things from Microsoft that were incorporated into Linspire. Incorporating things from MICROSOFT into a LINUX DISTRO and contributing to the FUD being spread!

I also understand how/why SuSE-tan and Xandros-tan also have bad reputations!

A full year in retrospect it was a very crappy decision, as Linspire didn't protect its customers (or few shareholders) anyway.  The Xandros deal (of which none of them was consulted with) was literally a slap in the face to all of them.

Darn... What was the point of Linspire doing all of that to betray their customers?  ;014

Yep,... another good example that differentiates "living" from just "surviving", in this case, keeping the company alive long enough to cash in some big bucks, and then just run with it, all the hard work that went into building the brand be damned.  -v-

I see now! That is just so wrong but I know that is not the first time in the business world that has happened. Far from the first.

I'm sure Free-chan might.  ^.^

Yeah! Because she wants to be FREEspire! FREE!!

Why not?  ^___^

OSR 2.1-tan FOR THE WINE!!!!!!!!  ^V^


That is what you meant, right?  ^____^'

No, it's "For the Walrus!" or "For the Waffles!"

Nah, seriously it is "For the Win!"

I still remember how the +Nijiura+ reacted to my OSR 2.5-sama portraiture.  Might've been the first person outside the original 4koma artist to draw her in anything else.  ^__^

Were a lot of them like "Who?..." or "What?..."

BTW, the artist of that 4Koma does have another comic series on +Nijiura+, it is called ふたã,Šã¯ãƒŸã,¯ã,·ã,¢ ("Futari wa MikuShia"/ "We are MikuShia"), a "Futari wa Pretty Cure"-inspired crossover comic starring Miku Hatsune from "Vocaloid 2" and Shiatien from "Beatmania IIDX" teaming up!

And on page 4, is a throwback to that artist's OS-tan comic with the page that had Linspire-tan in it!

So glad she has some much coverage here.  ^-^

We're not gonna let someone as cool as her fade into obscurity!

I see,... so I can literally lose life and limb if I ask for french toast?  ^^;;;

Uhh... Let's not try that out. But the backfiring of her machines isn't usually to that extent, they usually go up in smoke and/or create showers of sparks with the occasional bursting into flames!

It reflects how OSR 2.1's purpose was to introduce USB support and that the difference between OSR 2.1 and the previous 95 release. However OSR 2.1 did not do a very good job with what it was supposed to do ^^;

Wow,... how very "Hulk"-like of her, right down to the instant size shift.  ^^;

TotalFark SMASH!!!!!!  >0<

The Incredible Fark! XD

"TotalFark SMASH!!!"
*TotalFark-tan appears with "STFU" cup, hits it over my head*


Ha! I got hit by her and I'm not even a TotalFarker!

QuotePerhaps the only thing she can do that won't blow up.  Unless she sticks experimental stuff on it.  ^^;

That could actually make for a good strategy!


I hear that.  ^.^

I have a UPS connected to my little Shuttle KPC, and loads of little laptops everywhere, so no worries here.  However, my DSL connection gets a bit funky when there's thunderstorms, so at least my net experience is at the weather's mercy.  ^^;

At least you are more fortunate than me when it comes to computer usage under the weather!

Well now, that's amazing if you got TWO full comic panels done in so little time. ^__^

Started page 40 on Monday and finished working on it in Inkscape on Wednesday, started page 40 on Tuesday and completed both pages last night! It only took me a couple days! Normally working on a page takes 1-2 weeks (because of other things to work on as well) but I stayed completely focused through both pages and I'm impressed with myself!

Ever thought about exchanging brains? ^.^

If swapping brains weren't risky business, maybe!

The dialog is a bit verbose, but then she does strike me as the verbose type (kinda like System 6-san, no?).  ^______________^

The verbose dialog was unintentional (ughhhh... I'm not very good at dialogue) but for those two characters, it seems to work!

Regarding the middle narration, I was thinking maybe it can do without the last bit, since AOL-tan already repeats that below.

It can be like:

    "[rest of narration] ...and OSR 2.1-tan is one of AOL-tan's few remaining friends.


    And then we let the actual girls do the talking.  ^___^

    I guess the last part in the narration was redundant. And it is better for the girls to do  the talking!

    Speaking of which, since they're both very tired, maybe AOL's bit can be shortened just a bit.  Like so:

      "This competition... *pant pant* ... doesn't even matter anymore.  Let's just deliver it together....[/list]

      Okay! That is shorter AND more effective! I will redo the dialogue on this page and use your suggestions!

      As for the artwork itself:

      1)  Love how well you made them look exhausted.  ^__^

      2)  Love the wheatfield!  Is that also in Photoshop, or did you use Patter or Live Effects in Inkscape?  ^.^

      I did the wheatfield in Photoshop. I didn't know I could do something like that in Inkscape!

      PANEL1: Awesome!  hadn't seen microchibis in over 10.... panels.... ^___^

      I think page 40 is one of the first pages that does not have any microchibis in it! o_o

      I see OSR 2.1-sama has a very neat trellis above the house entrance,... but what's with those brown sticks on each side?  

      Oh... Those brown sticks were supposed to be poles holding up the power lines. Poorly-made power line poles...

      PANEL 2 and 3: Cute, and do like the way you change the angle there in the third panel.  Outlook-tan's hand, though, has that stroke bordering her figures, making it look puppet like.  At least the top 4 digits should have the stroke removed -- you can even cover it up using another path the same color as her shaded skin if need be.

      It does look weird. I wasn't completely sure whether to keep those strokes or not and well I guessed wrong -_-  But that's not a problem because I can easily fix that in Photoshop without starting over on anything.

      PANEL 4 and 6:  Oh no... wait,.... these two take the cake for best profile of OSR 2.1-sama.  Is like SOMEONE pulled her over and unleashed a can of Cute Ass on her!  ^_____^

      GAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Need...... to.............. draaaaaaaawwwwww..... X________________________X

      Awesome! You'd do that? :D

      I think I do like her in that uniform -- or at least that's the one I would use for any archery pic I might have for her.  ^.^

      But as always,... I have to remind myself....

      Get it together... Get it together... Get it together...   >.<

      Of course you'd want to get it together... get it together... if you are already swamped with other drawings to work on.

      PANEL 7:  OMG!  An OSR 2.5-sama microchibi, cute letter content, and homages to the old Windows button theme!  You might as well just knock me out with a hunk of beef.  ^.^


      Watch out... That can be arranged! No... I'm not going to do that. I want to save my steak so I can eat it!

      Just one problem.  Your watermark is out of place, no?  ^___^'

      Yes but it was intentional for that page.


      QuoteYou might as well just knock me out with a hunk of beef.

      A hunk of want her to hire a handsome bodybuilder chap to smack you? don't make any sensPARTY HAAAARD


      What the @$&# is that?!!!!!!!!!  @___@

      Ahhhhhhh!!!!  Ovo

      *epileptic seizure*

      Aurora Borealis

      I have no idea what that is! :D

      Gussy Keniji

      Why can I not look away, head t'ward the LIGHT!