Started by Aurora Borealis, September 10, 2006, 12:22:18 am

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Thanks a bunch, Aurora Borealis, for sharing those cartoon pages!  They're a lot of fun!  I love the characters' facial expressions and their language, not to mention the scenario as a whole.

*looks forward to next chapter/episode/installment/page/whatever*

Your creation zerOSanity comes at exactly the right time for me, as a big change is in the works:  I've been using Millennium Edition for six years now, but within the next several days I'm supposedly switching to a newer computing system and XP.  Your story will be instructive, as it'll give me a chance to learn more about these two operating systems via their manifestations as ME-tan and XP-tan!




Gyah!!!!  Forgot, I can't access DeviantArt from where I'm currently at.  ;_;

Hold that thought, Aurora!  I'll be back!!!  ^v^

*scurries away*


grrr I don't have permission either...

only one way to do it right...
fake signatures, mustaces, overcoats, illegal money

And a ship to the Panama's for when things go wrong and the FBI comes after me...

or I could go to bookmarks and go to the comics...

which to choose....


Quote from: "Aurora Borealis"Thank you very much! :D

I got done with page 13 just now, but I can't upload it because DeviantArt changed the directory of categories AGAIN and I cant find the correct category! (err... categories) ARGH!! >___<

Isn't there a comics category somewhere?

Aurora Borealis

Yeah, but it's no longer there on the submitting deviations thing! :(


try "Manga/Anime" => "Digital Media" => Doujinshi? or would it be Manga?.......*ponder*


Yeah!  Told ya I'd be back!  ^V^

But gyah, spent all my time being wooed by your new -tans.  GAWD, I'm a mess....  >_<

Okay, bear with this poor pig in shambles...  ^__^'

The short short version....

First the no-brainers:
Comic is cute, funny and engaging since it introduces new -tans and put's the existing girls in situations we would not have thought of.  The 2k/Mac partnership is unexpected by us, for example, but charming nonetheless....  ^.^

Thought the comic was bigger (which was why I thought it was so daunting), but that was because Insanity Force and School of Crazies made it look larger.  ^^'

Favorite strip so far:  Comic #8.  Mac is nicely rendered in the first panel (with the fire) and love the sight of her being knocked out by her own apple.  Plus it has QNX-tan doing what she does best.  ^.^

Favorite OS-tan so far:  QNX-tan.  No big surprise there.  ^v^

Most surprising fact:  That you haven't introduced Slackerware yet.  The ponytail and pipe remind me of Juzo-kun's version a little, but maybe you drew her independently?  'v'

Misc Comment:  Your Kattlanna-chan icon is cute, so it's a treat to see her on ever panel.

Now onto the....


-What'd you use to draw these strips (feeling a little deja vu, so maybe I already asked you?).  
-And what's your approach to drawing these comics?  To draw so many so quickly with the fine quality I've seen means you have a system going.  For someone who can barely manage a simple chibi a week, I'm curious.  ^.^
-What's with 2k-tan's moustache?
-....hehehe...... and.... the..... OS-tan......fusion..... chimera......  ^^;

And finally....

-Which do you prefer: fingers or none?  ^__^

Hope you'll forgive me for taking so long.  -_-
This past week has been crazy, but this piggy finally has the chance to reorganize and get it together.  ^v^
So from now on, I'll be in the vanguard of your OS-tan fandom.
Cross my heart, hope to die....  -v-

*crosses butt instead, just in case*
[C-Chan's Promise track record isn't particularly great]

Aurora Borealis

I also like when OS X-tan accidentally got knocked out by her own apple! Gravity and cartoon physics can be so cruel sometimes! But darn you gravity! How dare you hurt one of my favorite OS-tans! *punches gravity* Argh! Blasted gravity.

And the situations get crazier! QNX-tan will start wielding a rocket launcher (A mad scientist with a rocket launcher, what could possibly go wrong? :D ), weird rivalries, CE-tan becomes a tour guide, Palm OS-tan is a flight attendant and CE-tan's coworker, encouter with a crazy terminator girl (can't wait to get to that part! System 6.0.8-tan oughta be an interesting character!), and that's just a little bit of what will happen later on!

And as for answers to your questions...

1. I first draw on notebook paper then scan it; add outlines, color, shading, etc. in Photoshop

2. My approach to drawing comics... I don't really know. I seem to draw them when I can, but my attention span only allows me to work on them about 20 minutes at a time. Luckily I'm able to make decent progress each time.

3. 2K-tan having a mustache was some random thing OS X-tan suggested to save her from XP-tan's wrath! Or maybe it's part of some weird mustache fetish? :D

4. The OS-tan fusion... I'm thinking about redrawing it. It's easy to tell what some of the OSes are in the fusion but a lot of them no outside of these forums would probably be able to guess right. But then again, making a 15+ way hybrid and try to make characteristics of all characters would be nearly impossible.

But that one has Tiger-tan's cat ears, Redhat-tan's hat, has an apple on her head like OS X-tan (or at least the blonde haired mac-tan that I think is OS X-tan), has Inu-T's dog ears with Linspire-tan's haircolor, has Slackware-tan's pipe, is a terminator like Macintosh System 6.0.8-tan, Mac OS 9-tan's skirt, Macintosh System 1-tan's Happy Mac necklace, XP-tan's necklace with ME-tan's badge, Mandriva-tan's belt, NeXTSTEP-tan's pants, Fedora-tan's silver pigtails (my version of Fedora-tan is based off the one drawn by an anonymous artist, except more secret agent-like), Palm OS-tan's and CE-tan's wings (that wasn't obvious), Saba-tan's tail, Mugshot-tan's shirt (Mugshot is actually a social networking site, but Mugshot-tan appears in zerOSanity and her sisters are OS-tans...) and has 2K-tan's jacket.

Whooo-hooo! A big ol'paragraph just to answer your question!


Well, it works.  I've just been satisfied and then some.  ^__^

if you draw by hand, you must be really fast and precise.  Zero transfer loss between brain and paper.  -v-
I'm jealous....  ^.^

Aurora Borealis

Actually I'm not very fast and I usually make at least one major change from paper to computer because correcting something on paper is a lot harder than in Photoshop!

In other news, I got page 13 up and CE-tan is introduced! She's going to be the tour guide! :D

I hope to finish chapter 1 by the end of this month. But on paper, I've gotten past chapter 1 and have drawn the first 3 pages of chapter 2 and some new characters have been introduced. But I'm not telling yet because I don't want to spoil everything! ^_^


Holy cow, I see what you mean about 9" inches being too small for CE-chan.  She does look a little big.  ^__^'

But at least now I understand that Tinkerbell reference in your last sig.  ^v^

Panel 3 and 4 are the cutest,... I love the way you make their sideshots for some reason.  ^__^
But just wondering if it's not too late to add wheels to those cannons?  
Sorta didn't know what they were until your comment....  ^v^'

Aurora Borealis

Aw man! I forgot that cannons need wheels! *smacks self in head* Stupidme stupidme stupidme! >__< Luckily, I keep the .psd files to my comics in case of such mistakes!

And spiffy new signature, C-chan!


*squeals in delight*

To mark the opening of the new Annex,... ^.^


So, Aurora Borealis, the plot thickens!  Cannons!  I think there are some ear plugs around here, somewhere....



Aurora Borealis

Got page 14 up! OS X-tan's plan using the cannons is revealed, and it is risky! But what's this? The OS-tan's are in a very difficult situation when OS X-tan has to leave!

Random zerOSanity info: zerOSanity takes place in a new land (the Tamronia region) with cities and such because ZS was originally a Pokémon + OS-tan crossover fancomic! That's also why Toshiaki is a professor! Anyways, the original also included a bunch of fanmade Pokémon by me and the OS-tans were all Pokémon trainers on crazy misadventures! This original version I posted a couple pages of in a Pokémon forum but I didn't get any replies at all! ;__; So then I was like "Fine, be that way! My very different comic gets no replies when a bunch of cliché 'Journey comics' (The Pokémon comics about that follow the game or anime plot awfully closely and usually lack originality) get a lot of replies?!" (In my mind at least!) So I never came back there.

Oh well, this new version is better anyways! :D