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a game i'm looking for

Started by Q4(V), September 09, 2005, 09:24:42 AM

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hey i got some more u know a lot more ... but i'm not goin to give it all away so quickly frist c if its all good

this is sooo cute .... i can't believe i say tht ....

edit: here some more stuff:

dam, i can't double post yyyyy

ok now i got to go, but i be back and i'll give all the stuff i got

other stuff looks good

sorry can't give the link yet maybe monday


there are a lot of flash things on this site


hope u all like the flash tht i found ....... and the flash game too....... some of them u can save but some u can't so tell D Lord if u want to save them ....  ;003  ;010


Very nice, Q4(V)-san. ^_^

Some others can be found here.

I just bumped into that trying to find the OS-tan version of the 'Calpittan'. Well, it's there, two versions of it, it seems. ;179

I found a few other really lovely Emuii-san flashes last weekend as well, but forgot to post the link here. -_- I'll get it back for the weekend. ^^;


hey wht is it a game or something .... ok it is err need to open it in .rar

Q4(V) added the following  48 minutes after last message :

Q4(V) added the following  11 minutes after last message :

errr can some tell me wht this site abt


omg that first link posted in here had a picture of a characters from wandaba style with edits to make them look like os-tans. In fact, one of the Xp avatars you can pick here is a character from wandaba style.