PC-DOS-tan & PTS-DOS-tan

Started by C-Chan, September 04, 2006, 04:09:50 PM

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Wow, what did I say about this being a breeze compared to last week?!!  X__X

Damn you PTS-DOS-tan and your exotic hairstyle!  \ _ /

But anyway, I'm back but not for long, so.....  ^__^'

I really should just shut up and call these "Post n Run" sessions....  -v-'

Two bits of good news!  ^__^

A)  Don't know how it happened, but I'm a Pig again!!!  WOOHOO!!  ^V^

*hugs self*
*kisses ground*
*rummages in trash*

It's good to be The Pig....  ^__^

B)  I'm finished with PC-DOS-tan and PTS-DOS-tan.  Hit a couple of snags, but finally got them more-or-less where I want them.  Enjoy...!  ^v^


- Note that the strong resemblance between PC-DOS-tan and MS-DOS-tan is purely intentional.  (they're twin sisters)

- And yes, that's a REAL hairstyle.  A Miss Russia contestant wooed me with her hair and I just HAD to put it on a OS-tan.  All I can say is that it's..... different.....  -v-'

- The text on PTS-DOS-tan's sweater reads "PTS-DOS" in cyrillic (well,... half of it, anyway....).

- Like MS-DOS-tan's keyboard, PC-DOS-tan always carries around her IBM thinkpad.  PTS-DOS-tan is currently carrying a giant nut driver, but she alternates computer tools based on whatever project she's working on at any given time.

C-Chan added the following  1 minute after last message :

Don't mind me if I take five, since that was quite a brutal undertaking....  X__x

But I will return to check on all the other posts....  ^^'

*scampers away*

Aurora Borealis

Great job as always! I especially like PTS DOS-tans' hairstyle-  haven't seen anything like that before!


Great work! C-chan, you're really magnificent!

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!


Great job C-Chan! I like PTS-DOS' hairstyle! Was there any inspiration for its design?


Okay, break's over.  ^___^

Aurora:  Thank you very much!!!  ^__^
Ditto for me, up until I saw the real-life version of that hairstyle [see below].  ^__^

Kami-Tux:  Thank you very much as well, Kami-TUX.  ^__^
For those kind words, I'll forgive half of the times you sent viruses after me when I was trapped as a Windows-tan.  ^.^
(For the other half, PREPARE FOR PIGGY VENGEANCE!)  `v'

NewYinzer:  Thank you as always, Mr. Red Hat NewYinzer.  ^__^
Oh, and glad you asked.  ^v^

Before anyone thinks I've lost my marbles, I'm attaching proof that the basketweave hairstyle does in fact exist.
For those of you who can't see this pic, it's of the lovely, 176cm Aleksandra Mazur when she won the title of Miss Russia.  ^v^

The angle of the picture is great for seeing the unique hairstyle, although the other contestant seems about ready to snap Aleksandra's neck off.  ^__^

The original gallery should still be viewable somewhere at http://en.rian.ru/

The basketweave pigtails on PTS-DOS-tan look a little wider, but that's cause she's a chibi.  Naturally, in the full-body version, they won't look half as unwieldly.  -v-

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Hmm...indeed. I never knew there was a Miss Russia contest until today. In about two years, the hairstyle will hit America. Anyway, those OS-tans look good. In other news, today is my birthday. I'll give you a clue to my age: Windows 2.0 is older than I am, 3.1 is younger. I start school tomorrow. I now must give time to my other great loves: school and aviation. But back to what I was doing...Largo commands me!


you should draw a sisters pic with ms dos and pc dos, and maybe even dos kitty!
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.


Good idea! You should also add...

Okay Ping! I'll be right back!

...a family photo!


I can somehow see the Dos sisters entrusting a young 3.1 with dos kitty while in production.. random thought that might make a short comic strip
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.


Happy Birthday, NewYinzer!!!

30,000 points just for being your B-Day!!  ^__^
I'm gonna venture to guess 17-18, but you'll have the final say.  ^v'

And Captain,... long time no see!  ^__^
That's a great idea, but there's just one thing....

That 3rd pic I keep harping on about endlessly to every single person on this forum is in fact like a giant sisters portrait.  It will first hava manga-style panels showing "a day in the life of" for the two sisters, finishing off to (what I hope is) a very large and detailed portrait of the two together, plus a whole slew of vintage -tans in the background.  DOSKitty will cameo, but only with MSDOS-tan (waking her up) and 3.1-tan (*snickers* hope you remember what I told you, Captain...  ^.^), though.

Once I finish my round of chibi art, it'll be full throttle on the 3RD PIC!!!  ^V^

It'll still take about a month to finish.  -v-

Back to you NewYinzer,....
Inevitably, I want to create a stand-alone pic with all the DOSSE members posing for the camera, making it a sort of "family photo".  But that's much further down the line... -v-


I better get more then lousy points for my birthday -.-

3.1sama in nothing but her ribbons would be nice.
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

Commisions Available - Send PM for details.


nice, nice work. But I like more the way you drew PC-DOS than PTS-DOS
Gotta love PC-DOS-tan expression xD

*looks around for rampaging 95-tan*
Yet, Lisa-tan its still my favourite from all your drawings by now :D
*looks around again*

keep it up  ;010


Hey now, collect 7 million points,.. oh wait,... *checks inflation charts*,... 14 MILLION points and you get a free moped.  That's a sweet deal....  -v-

But okay,...

*scribbles note*

Get,.... Captain,... 3.1-sama.... lap dance..... and...... ticket..... to..... Thailand.....


That stuff's legal in Thailand, right.....?  Ã,¬vÃ,¬'

*scratches head with pencil*

C-Chan added the following  8 minutes after last message :

Thank you Darknight.  ^__^
Pity, though, since PTS-DOS-tan took the longest to draw.  -v-'

Well it's no contest, since both PC-DOS and PTS-DOS border on the nerdy, and well Lisa-tan was designed to be a babe....  ^__^


Aooooga!!  ^o^

*imitates wolf howl, but ends up sounding like aardvark death rattle*

PC-DOS always acts cool and brooding (and is an extreme workaholic, often taking on more than she can chew), but it's all just a facade since deep down inside she still has an unconscious longing for her twin sister.  Since MS-DOS-tan is also drawn rather depressed, you can assume she feels the same way,... at least a nagging sense that "something" is missing in her life.

Whenever PC-DOS-tan is with PTS-DOS-tan, she likes to vent since PTS-DOS only speaks Russian and can't reply back to her.

PTS-DOS-tan's expression is one of concern, however, because,... unbeknownst to anyone,... she can at least UNDERSTAND English (or Japanese, depending on how you look at the OS-tans ^__^').


*takes notes for future reference*

hm... think every OS-tan we create is going to need a bio page of some sort?

...and yes, I believe it's legal.  I've been to Bangkok but I never did... that...
And I'm avoiding any lame jokes on the name Bangkok.

(I get a lot of that when I tell my friends I've been there. Isn't stupidty funny? It's like watching drunk people when sober.)


*chuckls*  "Bangkok".... Ã,¬vÃ,¬'

As for bios....


*laughs out loud*  BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!  ;^V^;

hehe... remind me again how many bios I still have in the backlog...  -v-

What, like 10?  Everyone I've drawn except Amiga-tan and ZX Spectrum-tan....  -v-'

It's just that I suddenly feel lazy everytime I think of typing up that paragraph,... And then heights are a problem.  Adult heights I can handle, but I'm pretty bad with kid's heights.

Should PC-DOS or MS-DOS be like 122 cm tall, or is that too short/too tall for girls like them?  Then what about 3.1-sama?  137cm?

I'm assuming ME-tan is probably a clean 152cm, and that should serve as a good primer (assuming it's correct).  ^__^'