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Post your desktop

Started by Q4(V), March 20, 2006, 12:30:49 pm

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could someone tell me how to capture a pic of my desktop? i'm really good with computers but i never learned how to capture >_<

Alex Stankevitch

Just hit the Print Screen button (right of F12) when your on your desktop, open up a program like MS Paint and press Ctrl + V. Then save it and upload the image to somewhere like Imagebucket.


If you use a laptop it will be next to the numberlock button and insert button on the top right corner.

It should also have a:
Sys Rq in blue under it...



Crap! Uhh...great wallpaper!
*The Mysterious E hits NewYinzer over the head with a shovel*
The Mysterious E: How Are You Gentlemen? All Your OS-Tans Belong To Us!


Haha it is quite nice isn't it? Asuka + Rei = equals hottness  ;012


Yeah, Ayanami and Sohryu were fascinating characters.  It's too bad they're both dead.




Crap! Now I know the ending to a show I've only recently heard of!
*looks at clock*
It's late. I better get to bed. I have to take two take home tests, write two essays, prepare for a math test, and I have homework on top of that. At least I have three days...


Rei died, Asuka survived. Watch EoE and you'll see  ;011


QuoteRei died, Asuka survived. Watch EoE and you'll see

AAH! Now I have to erase my memory!


Asuka survived?  That's stunning news, brougeXP22!  Well, let's get her in here:  I want to find out just what happened.  She always was a brave little thing!


Oi!  Asuka!  Where have you been hiding all this time?




LOL. yes she survived. she actually was the reason why shinji rejected instrumintality in the series/movie, even his mother couldn't convience him to accept it


That link is to the last 8 minutes of EoE. you should watch the rest first. This is the part that shows Asuka amd Shinji as the only survivors of the would-have-been end of the world


Thank you, brouge, for that link to the video!  If this means ââ,¬â€ as it appears from the video ââ,¬â€ that Asuka's stuck with Shinji, then I'm of two minds about just how happy one should be that she's at least temporarily alive.

My main gripe in regard to anime is that there's always some male kid who's made out to be the big hero.  Maybe that goes over well in Japan; but I think it's pure unadulterated bullshit, which is why I like the OS-tans.

Both Asuka and Rei run circles around Shinji in regard to character development, so he can just go back to middle school or wherever he came from and leave the real work in the more-than-capable hands of our female polar-opposite duo.  It's a bit too late for that, I suppose, the way things stand now; but I'm going to use the time machine to go back and speak with the NERV people....




Been a while since I watched Eva, but as i recall his character, I think he would've agreed with you.  But leave it to all the other characters and a very sadistic script to shove the whole hero thing down his throat.

Oh well, at least in EoE, they paid the price for not sticking behind the more capable female characters.  ^-^

[Poor Asuka though was stuck with a pathetic excuse for an "Adam".  ^.^]


what's with the shinji bashing? ^^; geez. Asuka may have seemed super capable and all but she's like glass. One thing breaks her every time. same goes for shinji. i love asuka as a character but i also respect that shinji is an anti-hero. although once shinji see's someone in danger he's totally different which is one reason why the asuka/shinji pairing for adam and eve wasn't that hard to believe. Asuka loves shinji. It's obvious throught-out the series and it's shown in the directors cut episodes (whcih i own). they're the perfect disfunctional pair as far as anime couples go. Total foils of each other but also incredibly alike in a lot of ways. They need each other so asuka with out shinji is like peanut butter with no jelly when you sit and think about it.  ;011