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Post your desktop

Started by Q4(V), March 20, 2006, 12:30:49 PM

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QuoteQuote from : NewYinzer

Every OS has its place...


We must never forget...

Calm down....v_v

YES, At the low end, therefore, the PC desktops are marginally less expensive than the Macs -- IF EVER you live without their connectivity and multimedia capabilities -- and considerably more expensive if you can't. At the very high end, however, all of the design focus is on multimedia processing and the PCs simply aren't competitive from either hardware or cost perspectives.

Yes, PCs run at a faster clock speed than Macs, but they have 20 clock cycles per operation, meaning it will take longer to do an operation than a Mac running at 7 clock cycles per operation. PC makers have used this tactic for years, they thought that if they blotted the PC with gigahertz that the consumerwould be so dazzeled that they would forget every other factor.

People forget talking about ergonomics, design and lifetime. Point is, not all of us computer users have the same requirements for us to us it in our daily lives. We all have different requirements by choosing a computer. If your requirements are a cheaper and faster in every cycle per operation process, rabid gaming, required updating, go and stay with your PC, no one forces you or anyone to use a Mac. I even have a PC at home, but compare to it I am really enjoying using a apple latop at work coz it feels like home whenever you have good multimedia stored and easier storage of files.

(Note: I have nothing against you or anything personally, you started to bash with caps lock)

LEt's get on with the topic shall we?  ;003


Here, below, are the relevant links.  I'm providing links because minor children or people from Red States may be perusing this thread; and also because, in the U.S., these image files might possibly be considered...


Screen capture of desktop: size 698.42 kilobytes, Portable Network Graphic

Wallpaper: height 600 pixels, width 800 pixels, size 720.99 kilobytes, Portable Network Graphic




0.o *nose explodes*, wow, wow,....

*hours of gibberish will ensue*


*nose bleeds, a la Homeko*

(Note: I have nothing against you or anything personally, you started to bash with caps lock)

I no bash? I made a suggestion that Macs may not have the greatest value per dollar. Seriously, rants aside, if someone gave me a mac, or offered me one at a good price, I would take it. It is superior to Windows, but not quite in my price range. Anyway, I'm planning to build a computer in the coming year, but with the new Windows Vista. Mac OS 10.5 would be kinda neat, but more novel than productive. I'm building a home computer to use for the last few years of high school and to come home to when I go to college. I plan to replace it in about 2015. Then build another one to replace it with whatever OS I feel is good then. Could be Mac OS, the replacement for Windows, or Linux. No hard feelings, eh?


I'm s'heduled to purchase a Mac in January, not really to replace anything but to increase my line-up of systems to five.... -v-

After all, you can't live a complete life without trying a little bit of everything.  ^.^

On a related note, my darling SUSE-chan is back on line!  ^V^
Soon I'll have a proud desktop pic to contribute!  ^.^


There is my very boring desktop. I sometimes have a pic there. Though I change it a lot cause after awhile it starts to annoy me or people who use my computer make stupid comments about it so ussualy I just leave it plain =P

That and I have a pretty slow computer. I plan to upgrade it to XP even though it'll be even more slow... I'm building a new computer... Just will take awhile with limited money.


it's 98!

haha, haven't seen that in a while...

ok, so it hasn't been that long.  Maybe a couple months when I reinstalled 98 on that old hp computer no one uses.


The minimalism is kinda.... relaxing......  / o \

*sips cup of white tea*

Aaah....  ^v^

Sorry, too busy making the Captain's present...  Will post desktop pic eventually.  ^.^'


Jeff cleaned his desktop when he should be doing calculus...

He also got a Kino winamp skin. Speaking of which, does anyone know how to make these things? The place could use more winamp skins...

if you want to remember what it looked like before:


I've taken a rendering of XP-tan which is on the front page of, erm, whatever web
site it's on the front page of; and I've added my own colors.  I've also done away
with the Dick Tracy pointed chin and the very-pointy left elbow.

Be advised this is the only place on the web where the above image will appear,
so let's not be having any aneurysms as a result of righteous indignation at my
adulteration of an original piece of art.  In the privacy of my home, on my little old
local machine, I'm allowed to play around with whatever comes across the cable.

To the original artist, whomever he or she may be, I'd like to say this:  Thank you
for creating the best rendering of XP-tan I've yet seen!  You've masterfully dealt
with what I consider the glaring weakness of most anime/games/manga renderings
of female characters:  Flat Butt Syndrome (FBS).

Apparently, explanations dealing with commerce and/or expediency to the contrary
notwithstanding, most anime/games/manga artists have never beheld a female
human going away ââ,¬â€ or from the side, for that matter (except when it comes to the
matter of breasts).  Fortunately, XP-tan seems less prone to FBS than are other anime/
games/manga female characters; and for that I'm grateful.




haha, the flat-butt thing really bothers you doesn't it?


Flat Butt Syndrome (FBS) strikes me as being really weird, SleepyD,
because anime/games/manga artists have the frontal anatomy of
females figured out but not the dorsal anatomy.  Even when pains are
taken to show muscular detail in a rear view, FBS is observed.

It's rather like some manner of large clamp has been attached to
females' hips at birth, pressing front and back, so that any vestige of
a butt is made perfectly flat.  I'm reminded of the foot-binding custom
which used to plague China, or the vertical head-binding once
practiced by a Native American Indian tribe.

Even my favorite anime hero-type female of all time, Ifurita from El-
, suffers from FBS.  Here's what I mean:

See?  She's got hips a-plenty, just no butt.  Where did it go?




QuoteFlat Butt Syndrome (FBS) strikes me as being really weird, SleepyD,
because anime/games/manga artists have the frontal anatomy of
females figured out but not the dorsal anatomy. Even when pains are
taken to show muscular detail in a rear view, FBS is observed.

Is there no cure?

Seriously, it has never bothered me. The Japanese are so good at drawing breasts, it makes up for it. Just look at this compelling evidence of a Japanese breast:

Just as a side note, I won't be posting on the hentai boards anymore. Imagine if CMU, MIT, or Harvard got their hands on where I've been.


No fair showing pictures of food, NewYinzer!  Now I'm hungry.  Fortunately, we've plenty of rations in the galley.


You make a very important point, regarding the new spying trend being employed by bureaucracies both private and public.  Invasion of privacy is becoming common law, at least here in the States.

For most of my working life, all the boss ever cared about was my getting the job done right.  What I did on my own time was none of her/his damned business; and management was in full agreement with that philosophy.

But now, who knows just who's listening or watching whom?  I don't care, because I'm retired on a disability pension and have the luxury of not caring about such things; but for you and squillions of others, it's become a considerable concern.


As for Flat Butt Syndrome, I propose anime/games/manga females eat more cheeseburgers.  XP-tan, especially, will be glad to learn of this proposal!  (A perusal of those forums you will be avoiding reveals she burns a lot of energy....)




Invasion of privacy.... well, the internet is a "public" place, but really, this is tantamount to stalking.

mmm food... Curse it, now I want some In-N-Out burgers....

Well, I think it's been mentioned that the majority of asians have a slim build, due to diet and genetics.  (of course, those who live on a fast-food diet are likely as obese as many others)  I did a little reading (some of it would be considered controversial, but lighten up people) and many asian females don't satisfy what people would consider "curvy"  Furthermore, the big-breast thing is most likely due to the stereotypical view of American females in Japan. (And with all the movies and stuff we send over there, who could blame them?)

I am asian and I have trouble gaining any weight at all no matter what I eat... (and I don't work out either) I am starting to avoid anything overly oily or fatty tho... My family on both sides have a history of diabetes and I'd like to avoid that... I still eat my rice tho... hehe  

And to remain somewhat on topic, here was my desktop before 2k-tan