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Post your desktop

Started by Q4(V), March 20, 2006, 12:30:49 pm

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Xi Wang chan

Quote from: Bella on February 28, 2017, 12:19:44 amHello Xi! Long time no see. Good to have you back!
I was hibernating ^^' (?)...
Or something like that...
Ta-da!!!!... tasting new things ^^ ♥♥♥...
Desktop-20170302 by Xi Wang Feng, en Flickr


Was originally going to take Maka (My tablet) on my trip, but decided it'll be easier to just take Asagi III instead...but in cosplay as Maka (As in, same wallpaper and taskbar color, with ClassicShell installed to change the Start button to the 8.1 version, since I'm running Windows 7):

I could also make it look like Windows 2000, if I wanted to -w-


Pardon the double-post, but since I have Fuuka2k running, have pics of the desktops on both sides.

MacOS Sierra (High-res Happy Mac icon on dock):

Windows 7 Pro (Windows 9x logo on taskbar):


Nice desktops!!

Dr. Kraus

Someone came into my store to recycle an old gateway that had everything I was looking for to build a WinXP machine.
Fought with the XP installer for a little before tweaking the bios to make it work with my hdd.
Everything is running 100% without issue and the system is just as snappy as my i5 machine to be honest, granted if I attempted to push the system with anything past 2008 software than I'm not in for a good time.


That's a blast from the past, don't think I've seen a desktop like that since 2009!

Xi Wang chan


What shell are you using on Debian? I love the look

Ghost Member

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Quote from: Penti-chan on December 16, 2017, 12:25:47 amWhat shell are you using on Debian? I love the look
Xfce Desktop Environment


I stay away from Ubuntu because the default gnome shell is too ugly & bloated.
Xfce answered me most of things that win users wanted.


Ahh. Cool :3
(TBH, I'm most fond of MATE as far as Linux shells go, although I have used and liked XFCE)


Desktop (Windows 10):

Will add desktops from my desktop running OS X, and my laptop, later.


Desktop on Nanami2k-tan (My main desktop at the moment; running Windows 10)

Performa Classic

This is Shaider, my main desktop. The default desktop environment for Devuan is XFCE, but I've changed it to make it look (mostly, as I lack a menubar) like the Mac OS 9 interface.


I like that wallpaper.
Does this count as a "desk" top?