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Post your desktop

Started by Q4(V), March 20, 2006, 12:30:49 PM

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March 20, 2006, 12:30:49 PM Last Edit: January 06, 2011, 12:15:20 PM by Pitkin
Pitkin, i'm not sure but i thjink u sayed that u have a good background just want to know how u change and what it look like.
here one i found on them and try on the college computer:

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and another

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Ah, a thread for desktop images? A fine idea, Q4(V)-san. ^_^

I cannot remember boasting around with my background in this forum, but knowing how much I usually brag about them, it wouldn't be a wonder if I had done that here as well. :D

I cannot attach a screenie of my current desktops right now, however, as I'm at uni and have all my comps at my parents' place in a completely different city. :L I'll show you my lovely Emuii-san background when I get back to my comps, in a bit less than two weeks time. ^o^


dam it i want 2 c ur background ... well if any1 has a background that they want to post till Pitkin post his go a head ....

*at screen waiting of Pitkin to post
i wait here till he post .. so week of not going to the toilet or shower. two weeks

2 min past
.... i can wait that long

5 min

y am i here?
*walk way from srceen
Pitkin i be waitin
*walk in to the darkness


It must be a pretty awsome background to wait 2 weeks without showering for it....oh what the hell.
*stares intently at screen for an hour, refreshing at 5 minute invervals*
wait isnt this what i normally do anyway? -_-


from wht i hear Pitkin has a gd desktop ... didn't u make ur own desktop Pitkin ... and Mith u know u can post ur own desktop, so one person post there desktop and anothre, so on ....


Oi, now just a moment... let's not get these expectations that far. ^^; I'm 100% sure I've not said about making my own desktop, because I've definitely not done it (I only use Paint anyway, so it wouldn't turn out too well). ^^;

My desktop's nothing special, a grey Windows Classic theme and an OS-tan background image. Naturally, I love it myself having selected the image myself but it's not 'magically good' or even exceptional. Just a picture of chibi Emuii-san on a meadow. :D

I had one image of Nisen-san and Ekusupii-san (can be found from the gallery, I think) for a long time, and before that the Magic Knights... Nisen-san dominates the desktop of the one computer I rarely use, while Ikuyo Suzuki-san's in my oldest still operating comp. Oh, and every now and then I switch to Gekigangar 3 theme. Let's go, Gekigangar 3!!

My longest-serving desktop image, however, was a picture of Edgar Street (a football stadium, home venue of HUFC), which I used without changes for approximately six years before my anime tendencies took over. ^^;


Wow 6 years....i have hardly ever gone more than 1 month without changing...and anyway, i suppose i shall post mine up later this week.


Here's the desktop of my newer computer. Just like I said, nothing fancy; no flashy special effects in toolbars or fantasy-like use of colours. Just Emuii-san on a meadow, and I love it. ^_^

The picture can be found from the gallery. Any criticism will be met with stuck-up attitude and ice-cold glares. :D

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nice, can we see the other ones u know to ur older computer, he better i bet .. lol

here the criticism, y don't u put ur picture in folder, looks tidy ... i don't like thing messy ..... TIDY IT UP PLZZZZZ!!!! ...

*about to jump at Pitkin computer and put thing in order*

.. held back by Distance


Quote from: "Q4(V)"

here the criticism, y don't u put ur picture in folder, looks tidy ... i don't like thing messy ..... TIDY IT UP PLZZZZZ!!!! ...
did someone said tidy?
But I keep the old luna default theme. I dont like programs for changing the appearance...they slow down the computer. Yes, thats right, Im stingy when it comes to RAM (even when I have 1GB of RAM =P)
*smiles with pride*

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HOW BIG IS UR SCREEN ... and stop going on os porn ... and as no 1 hear of tabs ... u know file new tab or ctrl+T
but still very tidy

*walk up to Darknight_88 mess it up*
*run away*



hey, hey, that was the Work Safe web...: http://kazumi386.org/%7Eostan2/pic_uploader/
Do you really think I'd be navigating in that kind of websites?ME? Darknight_88?
*looks around*

Yah, I know about tabs, but the 2nd window was suposed to be used for homework about the Animalia Kingdom (biology). But as you can see...


Answer  Darknight_88 question .... YES lol

u guys have software i haven't seen ...
Pitkin ur hide some from us aren't u ... i know he is ... like his plan to become british or all this british stuff lol


errr...rite...wait!!no, I'm not a pervert!!!!
*hands sweating*

Indeed, Pitkin have software I haven't seen...
The "weird" software from my comp are just Microsoft Encarta, and the Dictionary from the said encyclopedia. Antivir, an antivirus (free, but really good) and...and....thats all xD


right so ur hide all ur porn right lol

what abt the icons by the clock ....PORN ICON LOL