What anime are ya watching?

Started by SleepyD, August 25, 2006, 05:11:48 PM

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Quote from: Chocofreak13 on July 31, 2011, 10:03:50 PM
found chobits on demand. decided to relive some of my younger days. watched 1-5, waiting for more.

Nice, I've wanted to give Chobits a watch for awhile...

Dr. Kraus

They added alot of Anime to Netflix (though its mainly English dubbed) so I've been just browsing around in there, I've found many highly regarded anime selections for the instant streaming. Think that when I get my second monitor back up (my younger brother took my really nice LG because he is addicted to playing Counter Strike: Source) I'm planning on watching:

1. Eden of the East (Movie and Series)
2. Samurai Champloo (I've seen it all in Japanese but I want to see what they did with the English Dub)
3. Afro Samurai, Afro Samurai: Resurrection (SAMUEL MOTHA-FUCK'N-L. JACKSON)
4. ALL the Gunslinger Girls (One of my favorites, I'm going to love it in English or Japanese regardless)
5. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (DVD needs to be sent in, I'll have to wait for a while to watch this because I'm going out of town for a good week)
6. Baccano! (Why haven't I watched this yet?)
7. The Sacred Blacksmith (Only herd good things about it, should be a good watch)

This is a pretty long list, so I'm probably not going to finish it all for a few months along side the current anime running...


I watched ef - a tale of melodies
and now I feel sad.  :(



I watched EVE no Jikan


It was pretty awesome, I wish it was longer!  I watched the OVA version...  I guess I'll grab the movie since it has extra scenes :p


Just bought my brother most of Evangelion + End of Evangelion.  Also got Bells the last three episodes of Serial Experiments Lain.


Quote from: stewartsage on August 10, 2011, 09:57:56 PM
Just bought my brother most of Evangelion + End of Evangelion.  Also got Bells the last three episodes of Serial Experiments Lain.

Thank you~ ^v^


@stew, kraus: my friends reccomended baccano, but i never got into it. it's something i'll likely get into over the winter. :\
@bella: you've never seen chobits.


been watching chobits and samurai champloo on demand, planning on starting this one called Chrome Regios, too. :3
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Quote from: Chocofreak13 on August 14, 2011, 01:34:42 PM
... planning on starting this one called Chrome Regios, too. :3

Let me know if it's any good!  I never got around to watching it, but I remember people on MAL comparing it to Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu/LoLHeroes/whatever :p

I think I'll watch every Kara no Kyoukai movie this weekend since nothing's happening

I also have the Eve no Jikan gekijouban now, but a cursory inspection shows that it doesn't have much new content!  :(


Regios is shitty shounen crap.

Or, well, ok, it's not THAT bad, but it's boaring and doesn't progress its plot in any direction that's actually visible within the first like 10 episodes. Nice action though.

I have seen SO MUCH animu >_>


@nej: that's your opinion. typically most of the stuff i read/watch is either sappy-ass shojo like kimi ni todoke or me and my brothers, or action-action-action shounen stuff, like reborn! :\

that said, i like regios so far. it seems to have some deeper elements of plot, but in terms of relationships, it seems like the cookie-cutter love triangle between the tomboyish one who can't admit her feelings, the fangirl(s), and the mysterious quiet one. other than that, the action is really lovely, and frankly, i find both the main character and the tomboyish love interest hot. the mysterious one and her brother and their 2 friends ain't bad either. >////w////>;;

the action sequences are nice, if you're into that, although the main character seems to be "THE CHOSEN ONE" (or something like that, you get my point). plus, they have cute school uniforms!! >:3

this is likely a dumb question, but has anyone here seen pretty guardian sailor moon? (the live-action adaptation of SM) i was thinking of torrenting it (partially for the lulz), but if anyone's seen it i'd like an opinion.
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I saw a few episodes of it, when my sister borrowed a bootleg box set of it from one of her friends. It's not too bad, although a bit weird because it feels less like the Sailor Moon I'm used to and more like a Super Sentai or Power Rangers series, due to being live action


besides the weirdness of usagi's hair being black one second and blonde the next, was it any good? or was it just a campy crap adaptation? :\ (worth watching?)
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It's worth watching at least a few episodes to try it out. It does feel a bit cheesy compared to the anime, but then again, that's what most live action adaptations are like in my experience


why do you think i watch more anime, lol? :3

of course, that leads to the question of what if they adapted a live-action series into a cartoon?
(power rangers anime? or a jem live action series???? o__o; )
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