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What anime are ya watching?

Started by SleepyD, August 25, 2006, 06:11:48 pm

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I decided to begin watching Zero no Tsukaima.  So I downloaded an episode via BitTorrent, just to see if I'd like it.

So it's an MPEG-4 file, which both QuickTime and Windows Media Player are supposed to be able to play.  But did they?  Hell, no!

DivX is always yacking on about how it plays MPEG-4s, so I attempted to install its codec and player.  Would they install?  Hell, no!

Windows Millennium Edition no longer exists, as far as the shitheads at DivX are concerned.  Hopefully they'll all burn in Hell, the useless tossers.

MPEG-4s go right into the trash henceforth.  I'll see if I can find an AVI version and pray that'll play on one of these lame-ass media unplayers.

How come people can't post torrents which are plain old MPEG files, or MOV files?  No, that would be too easy for the geeky bastards.

Apparently, nowadays you need a different media player for each and every file type.  "Let's make those 'end users' guess which player will play this nifty new kind of file we're designing!  Then let's chuckle whilst they try to find it; and roll on the floor laughing when they try installing it!"




I just use Media Player Classic and the CCCP codec pack.  I never used to install codec packs, but this one actually works.  Now pretty much all files play, without any hassle.


Thank you very much, Silentbob, for your greatly-appreciated advice!  I'll install that codec pack in just a little while, then go hunting for a torrent and see if the dumb fuckers who design media players will let me watch it.




That's why Kaffeine rules all!  ^v^

BTW, SilentBob, what's the name of the AmigaOS native media player(or players)?  'v'

Since you're an actual user, I desperately need to squeeze you for all lthe info I can get.  ^__^

Feel free to reply in a different thread, since this one is purely Anime.  ^v^'


Moonlight Lady! Some really weird adult anime series. x.x

Its real confusing, but I started to get it by episode 5. Too bad that was the last file in the torrent. x.x;;



QuoteOne at a time, eh?
Watching the ol' semi-classics, eh?
I'm going through way too many series at once... can't seem to make much progress in any of them tho...

Yep. Though I wouldn't call them semi-classics.

QuoteThank you very much, Silentbob, for your greatly-appreciated advice! I'll install that codec pack in just a little while, then go hunting for a torrent and see if the dumb fuckers who design media players will let me watch it.

There are open-source players like Zoomplayer that are better than the crap pawned by MS and Apple.


true. Media player/Real player/Quicktime are real picky and require alot of codecs and extra stuff to play basic crap like .AVI files. Lol i can't complain though, i have all the codecs for WMP and i use Real every so often but i don't really recommend Real. Use open-source or WMP w/ divx 4 codecs for best results ;011


RealPlayer is EVIL. EVIL I SAY!


Quote from: "NewYinzer"
Yep. Though I wouldn't call them semi-classics.

then.... highly-popular-and-somewhat-aged anime?


how bout just older anime?  ;011


like... Space Battleship Yamato?

no no, let's call it post-Evangelion old anime. XD


Well, I downloaded that Combined Community Codec Pack recommended by Silentbob; and I put Zoomplayer in charge of playing all multi-media stuff, as NewYinzer suggested.  Zoomplayer presented me with a list of codecs it couldn't find on my local machine, so I followed its instructions and installed 547 different codecs (give or take).

That Zero no Tsukaima MPEG-4 torrent still wouldn't play, so I've given up on it and will order BitTorrent to spend the night downloading a different file type.  Then we shall see ââ,¬â€ or not.

But I want to thank both NewYinzer and Silentbob for introducing me to the wonderful world of wild (as opposed to tame) media players.  By the way, I'm convinced Windows Media Player is spying on me; so I'm going to uninstall it if possible or simply rip it out (via file/folder Search and RegCleaner) if it won't go peacefully.




Must be some funky format if CCCP can't find a codec for it then, yeah.   Better find some other version.  I know how frustrating that can be, you download something and it won't play no matter what you do.


lol media player is has become self-aware  ;013


Indeed it has, brougeXP22!  Well, it's gone now.  Or, rather, it appears to be gone.  One never knows what hidden files remain to continue Microsoft's spying.




it's pretty much impossible to remove. the basic version will always remain behind like an evil baby of doooooomm  ;006