What anime are ya watching?

Started by SleepyD, August 25, 2006, 06:11:48 PM

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I still need to see the Rebuild films; I actually have 1.01 and 2.22 on DVD, and admit I've yet to sit down and watch them ^^;


Things don't get weird till 3.33


I'm currently watching Lucky Star and Touhou: Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Memories of Phantasm~. Both are really goddamn good, although it's sad to know that Lucky Star is still stuck in a hiatus (the manga version), and Fantasy Kaleidoscope will end after the Mountain of Faith arc :(
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I need to get to watching Lucky Star. It seems up my ally


I watched Lucky Star back in high school and loved it. The OVA is also really fun, too, and well worth a watch after you finish the series.

So lately I've gotten into Squid Girl, and am really enjoying it; just something light and silly to watch when unwinding after work. As for a more serious series, I'm finishing up Initial D: Fourth Stage; need to track down fansubs of the final two seasons, as they never dubbed anything past Fourth Stage.

Zacian King of Windows

What about My Hero Academia why doesn't anyone talk about that anymore...?
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Quote from: Zacian King of Windows on June 10, 2022, 07:55:42 PMWhat about My Hero Academia why doesn't anyone talk about that anymore...?

I have some friends that absolutely love it still. I like what I've seen, but need to find the time to sit down and start watching it from the beginning lol
(Admittedly I have a pretty hefty backlog of anime I want to watch)


I've always felt mixed on My Hero, it seems really good and well made but I'm not sure if it's the kind of anime I'd be into. That said I should at least watch one episode before I make that kind of opinion.