What anime are ya watching?

Started by SleepyD, August 25, 2006, 05:11:48 PM

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I might give it a try, once I'm to a stopping point with Digimon


yay ;v;

it's such an awesome series, it makes me sad to think that it would be overlooked. ;^;
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here, have some pictures to convince you:

(main character singing Tokyo Bushi.)
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Did you know Tokyo Bushi is set to the tune of the Civil War era song Marching Through Georgia?  And was popular with Japanese troops during the Russo-Japanese War?


the more you know!

(did you know that most of the landmarks mentioned in the song are now non-existent?)
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I did, they were mostly destroyed during one of the Tokyo earthquakes.  I keep considering buying an old Tokyo Metropolitan Police sword they have at a local antique mall.


That does look like an interesting series, maybe I'll give it a watch once I'm done with Dantalian...


@bella: DO EET.
@stew: DO EET. and alot of the ones that survived don't exist still, they were either torn down or converted into other buildings.
(also, if you mean the great kanto earthquake, the series is set in 1926, 3 years after the quake, and it mentions all the landmarks.
maybe it's just a coincidence.)
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Mhmm, I don't think it was the Kanto quake that took them down.  Fire bombing WWII finished off most of them though, being made of wood.


true. that was one of japan's flaws during that war. :\

i need to figure out if there's any more nudity in Urusei Yatsura. >>;

EDIT: upon googling the subject, this amusing little blurb came up:

1. i don't like religious organizations, regardless of intent. people of all faiths should come together and watch anime. >>;
2. there's nudity in the first episode and it's a recurring plot point throughout the series and some of the movies. xD
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That site's name alone makes me cringe >_<

Anyway, I've started to watch Digimon again. So far, thoughts on the Japanese version:

- The theme song is better. No more "Digimons are the trumpets Digimon are the champions"; we instead have a theme song that has more lyrics to it, and just seems to fit better

- The background music is better than what I remember the dub having...although to be fair, it's been so long that I may not be remembering the dub's music well

- The Digidestined are simply called the "Chosen Children". To me, that sounds better, as "Digidestined" sounds kind of silly

- Although this also existed in the dub, I have to point it out: Izzy has a Pineapple iBook. Therefore, the character I relate to the most has his own version of Sonata :3


People can't have a website/community to discuss TV programs that happen to agree with their moral or ethical system? What if the site was dedicated to Muslim-friendly anime, atheism-friendly anime, or for that matter, peace-promoting or anime or feminism-friendly anime?

Secondly, nudity isn't always sexualized, and even if it was presented in a somewhat bawdy manner, not all Christians would object to it. There's actually an enormous range of moral and ethical variation among people who identify as Christians; the same as people of every other belief/non-belief system.


i clicked on the site out of curiosity. they're about introducing anime to people that think it's 'evil'. there's even a section for parents, complete with "is anime really okay for my child to watch" section.

i'm cool with people having religious groups and whatnot. but i don't think religion should be brought into things like this, since people should be able to sit with people and watch and enjoy, regardless of faith.

(besides, if the site makes a christian cringe, i think that says something. >>; )

also, the thread was about whether or not Urusei Yatsura is ok for kids. while the series is alright for 13+, it was pretty funny for the person posting that to forget that THERE WAS NUDITY IN THE FIRST EPISODE. >>;;;

@pentium: i haven't seen the subbed series yet, but yes, the theme songs were so much more epic. >w< pretty sure i have them in mp3 format if you want.

also, the background music is really nice, isn't it? it makes me wonder why they would change something like that. :\

also, i prefer some of their japanese names to the american. xD did you know they changed Tai and Kari's last name for the dub? they were originally Yagami Taichi and Yagami Hikari. :\
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Quote from: Chocofreak13 on January 12, 2012, 09:53:39 PM
i clicked on the site out of curiosity. they're about introducing anime to people that think it's 'evil'. there's even a section for parents, complete with "is anime really okay for my child to watch" section.

I think it's actually a good thing that a site like that exists, since quite unfortunately, some of people still hold the absurd idea that anime is all violence and sex ... and not just Christians or conservative people either, think about the sort of stereotypes that teacher of yours was spouting about anime and manga. Maybe that site will help people see that the stereotypes surrounding of anime aren't true, and that it's as valid - and potentially-inspiring and enriching - a form of entertainment as any other.