A slight computer problem

Started by destroyrhawk, August 16, 2006, 09:51:34 PM

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Ok, this happened when i did i virus scan and cleaned my computer, i then restarted the computer.  Now when i go to most websites the pictures dont load.  Could somebody help me out with this? I mean the pictures never load at all.


In order to learn more, please answer these questions:

Do you have any other problems with your internet?
Are pages loading slower than normal?
Are you using Internet Explorer?


Hello Destroyrhawk.
Hope you're not actually planning to destroy any hawks.... ^_~

In addition to what NewYinzer mentioned, can you also let us know which virus program you used to run the scan, plus whether you've checked the security settings of your particular browser.

(If IE, the Security tab, or if checking whether pictures can be displayed, Internet Options>Advanced>Multimedia.)

You can also try purging your temporary internet files and cookies, in case it's an actual spyware program that's causing this anomaly.

If you don't have Ad-Aware SE, I'd recommend you get it and run a scan.  It should detect and clean most spyware, adware, trojans, worms, etc....


NewYinzer recommends:
-Shut Down Your Computer.
-Unplug the power to your modem.
-Plug the modem back in.
-Turn your computer back on.
-Do another scan of your computer.
-See if that helps.
Other suggestions:
-If you're not already doing so, use a safer browser, like Firefox or Opera.
-Download Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE.
-Buy Norton Internet Security 2006 for future protection.
-Do not to use Best Buy. They try to force McAfee Antivirus on you and price their services WAY TOO HIGH.


It's been a while.  What's the status on your issue, Destroyrhawk?  ^__^


Did things finally improve, Destroyrhawk?


QuoteQuote from : destroyrhawkI mean the pictures never load at all.

If the pictures don't load at all,
so you just get text,
then its a feature in the browser.


ah nothing much has been going on, i have been busy running around and what not, now i restarted my computer and some pictures appear and some don't. I'm going to try firefox later though, srry if i have been gone though


Try unplugging the modem, waiting thirty seconds, and plugging it back in. Sometimes that works.


also, get so toast and put it on your head.  after that smear butter on your mother board, that always works.  

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Glad to have you back Captain.  ^__^
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Welcome back Captain! Get some rest.


Might try running http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/free/, Worked Great for me when my putter started makin all kinda noises!