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Avian Flu

Started by panda, August 15, 2006, 11:33:59 PM

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if you get sick, you get sick.

And if your really parinoid about it. . .


Reasons for paranoia:
1. Avian Flu spreads quickly.
2. No vaccine exists, and it takes about eight months to create a new one.
3. The virus mutates, so vaccines become ineffective quickly.
4. Drugs that could have helped were given to animals in China, so the virus has built up an immunity to the drugs.
5. Breath masks, filters, gloves, aerosol sprays, and homeopathic cures are ineffective.

Several possible outcomes:
1. More than 20 million people die, and the planet is thrown in chaos.
2. The virus doesn't spread quickly, less than one million are killed, and CNN finds something else to chew on.
3. Few die, President Bush is killed, and Dick Cheney becomes president. Drilling in Alaska begins tomorrow.
4. The virus doesn't spread in the US, but wreaks havoc in China, finally destroying them, once and for all.


you do know China was one of the most advanced cultures in the World for a few thousand years.
It fell because the UK imported illegal drugs, and marketed them.
It'd be like the US selling Heroin, Cocaine, Hallucinogens, and other durgs in the Middle East, and manipulating the countrys that way, untill the "modern world" controled the Middle East.

I know this sounds morally wrong, but this planet does need a pleague,
we've heavly over populated the planet,
and China has been the only country to do something about it.
It back fired, but at least they tried.