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Started by NewYinzer, August 06, 2006, 09:39:19 pm

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QuoteSo.. "Tonight let's all share (dinner)" .. kinda.. in a really loose way, since its a double entendre.

Heh heh. I see what you mean...


...must get over cold. Someday it would be nice to know Japanese. But by the time I would make it to the international workplace, Japanese would be as useful as Chinese, French, or German (I believe in a global economy, not a US, PRC, JR, or UK-centric economy).


(Careful now, globalization as it stands now is a double-edged sword.  ^^')

Quote(BTW, what does DESU mean?)

To put it simplistically, consider it the "is", "am" or "are" of a sentence.

As aimple example:

Watashi wa genki desu

Could be transliterated to "I" (formal) "well" "am".

Or "I am well."

(or depending on the context and manner in which you say it, "I am BURSTING with awesome, C-chan-style energy!" ^V^)

Wow, Pitkin does translations too!!  ^v^
Maybe OS-Tan Collections CAN have its niche market in comic translations!  ^v^

If not for the precarious time commitment and the fact that we're still relatively outgunned, I'd be almost tempted to ask Otakubell to eat their heart out.  -v-'

In any case, based on Pitkin and Codi-san's remarkable contributions, I'll see about transcribing the working translation onto the comic itself.  Just to get a feel for it....  -v-

*C-chans scurries off to play with Photoshop again*

C-Chan added the following  1 hour 36 minutes after last message :

A-Okay....  ^v^


I think we've got a good shinning going (I can't say "Shining", or the estate of Stanley Kubrick will sue my intestines out). Anyway, it seems as though it shall work like this:
1. NewYinzer introduces the comic
2. Pitkin, Codi, or someone else translates it
3. C-Chan puts the translated text on the comic and submits it to the gallery

Or...whatever you want.


Bloody cold...




...the comic:



I propose on amendment to that setup!  ^-^

3. C-Chan puts the translated text on the comic

4. NewYinzer submits it to the gallery.

*evil grin*  Hehehe....  `v'


Quote4. NewYinzer submits it to the gallery.

Got it! Off to the gallery!

*runs off to the gallery*


Hmm a translation thread...ok how many of you want advice from my sister (Big japanese translator buff)?

P.S. for all my translated comics that I'm about 67.3342456% sure you guys don't have go here: lazy to post the 20-30 odd comics sue me...


I can't get to the files...


...but I did upload the current comics to the gallery!


...*sighes heavily*

ok, ok, ok...I'll upload the images manually...
and I'll do it friday when I can stay up into the wee hours looking through all the comics here to discard the ones you already have...

I hate work...


Alright, this one I find trickier than the first one I tried, so I hope Codi-san (or someone else ^^) will be able to somehow improve this crude translation of mine.

First frame:
Inu-T: "Say, what're those thingies on everyone's heads, wafun?" ['Being a dog, Inu-T adds "wan" or "wafun" (sound of dog barking) after everything she says; should it be translated into English, and whether to put it at the end or to the beginning, I cannot really answer ##EDIT: Maybe the "Woof" or "Arf" sound could replace the "Say" in the very beginning, as in "Arf, what're those thingies on everyone's heads, woof?" ^^;]
Sign (with arrows pointing at characters' heads): "Those"
ME: "Yeah..."
(ME outside the left-most speech bubble: "Now that you mention it...")

Second frame:
ME: "Let's test and try removing them!?" (I think it's literally "As a test, I'll remove them and see!" Maybe "Let's see what happens if I take them off!" would be alright.)
SFX above the sleeping girls: "Zzzz..." or *snore* (the former sounds better to me ^^; )

Third frame:
Coloured SFX: Sounds of hitting one's head (or something else) against walls. (How does one say that in English? "Bang"? "Goo~~"? "Gang"? <- those are the Japanese SFX)
Redhead character: "Owwww..."
Homeko: "Oh dear..." (Maybe "What the...?" or "Goodness..." might be alternatives)

Fourth frame:
ME/Inu-T: "They were that important?!" (Literally something like, "Very important for proper functioning?!" or maybe, "Essential for working right?!")
98: "Eeek!"
XP: "It hurts!" (Or maybe "Owwieeee..." or "Hurts baaaaad...!")
SFX: Again, sounds of hitting oneself against something

So, err... there. ^^;


Not bad...we could get Codi or someone to clean it up a notch!


Iyaa....  There was still activity goin' on in this thread and no one told me....  -___-'

Shucks, now I feel lousy.... -________-

Well, in any case, thought I'd chime in another comic that I haven't seen translated.  ^___^'

Found it while researching pics for upload,... it was just begging for a translation....  ^^'

[Note: not Windows-related... ^.^]


All I can figure out is the "okashi na..." part. ^^;


No problem.  It's a start anyway.  ^__^

Later on I'll probably split the pic into both a transliteration and translation-in-progress pic so we can work on this together.  As long as we go about this systematically, we can do this without bugging poor Pitkin or Codi-san.  ^.^

C-Chan added the following  10 hours 47 minutes after last message :

Alright, started some groundwork on it.

Could probably start trying my hand at some sort of translation, but probably better off if I finish the transliteration first.  -v-


I might take a look at that comic of yours a bit later, C-Chan. So far, I believe ANTA is just very spoken (and rude) version of 'anata' (you). Langley-Sohryu-san used that very often in NGE series, most memorable being 'anta baka?!'. ^^

For now, this other comic...

Translation beta:

Middle row, right panel:

Generic Mac (?): "Sis... what the... just what?" [This line is pretty much just "Sister, what... what?" (the tone is strictly EXPLAIN ME NOW); suit yourself some witty English version :D]
OS9: "I got this from Tiger-chan." / "Tiger-chan let me have this." / "Tiger-chan gave this to me."

Middle row, left panel:

SFX(upper): (I'd like to translate this is as DASH! even though I'm not sure if it's exactly the storming away sound in Japanese)
SFX(lower): (Bang, door opening violently and hitting against the wall)

Bottom row, rightmost panel:

Generic Mac (?): "Puma!" (she prolongates the word, but I don't know how to do that in English; 'Puuumaaa'?)
Generic Mac again: "Memory..."

SFX (right below Generic Mac's arm): (bang, again door opening violently)
SFX: ('biku' is the 'sound effect' for surprise; maybe this could be "Yikes!!" or something like that)

Bottom row, middle panel:

Generic Mac (?): "Gimme... memory! Hand it over!"

Bottom row, leftmost panel:

Generic Mac (?): "Do it now!" / "Hurry up!"


*very loud landing*
Hi! I'm back from Wikipedia!
*gets out of F-4*
The pics of OS X have been added!
*notices pic*
It looks like Macs need a memory upgrade once and a while!
As for Macs, not my cup of tea. Too rich for my blood. Give me Windows Vista with Norton or Linux any day. I prefer to have more control and choices over the hardware and software. And a cheaper price.