Infected os-tans

Started by Spysweeper, January 18, 2007, 12:38:10 am

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Quote from: "Xyanide"
Quote from: "Spysweeper"yeah and anti virusis programs when updated are able to defend against virusis better as well.


utterly pointless post detected

Erm,Well excuse me Just helping out is all.


we're pretty lax on rules on pointless or off-topic posts at this point anyway.  If this forum gets bigger, it might be different, but for now, I don't believe people care.

It wasn't totally pointless.... just stating a simple conclusion (albeit a bit obvious, but eh)  as long as you guys don't fight it out to the death or something, it's ok.  

Let's try to not antagonize each other, k?

Back on topic:
s8man: bahahahaha XD *is bricked*

FFViper: I hear ya. College books are a pain. I have 3 different versions of a Calc book cuz of my professors in the past year. I need to sell these....

Hah, well, you could remove their clothes, but a more family-friendly version could just have them in a simple T-shirt.  (Which leaves it open for any ecchi-ness you people want)


Well ya, I said "Love Hina".  With the random hair covering vitals or another character blocking the view of the reader.  You know the deal!  XD  (The manga version of Love Hina is what I am referring too.)

I guess I'm not family friendly.  Oh well! XD

The lack of clothing makes sense cause then the tans' wouldn't want to leave the house (Core Components) to do things cause they are not completely dressed.  So it would basically be restricting cause they would be home bound without access to additional devices.  (Sounds like Safe Mode too me!)


ahh! good thinking that man! yeah very good idea!

And who cares i mean...down to their underwear would be sufficient enough for them not wanting to leave the house heh
either that or simply topless lol (and no handy strands of hair over nipples!)


we try to keep a friendly lax posting enviroment here.. there is too much hate on the web to have it here too.
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Quote from: "CaptBrenden"we try to keep a friendly lax posting enviroment here.. there is too much hate on the web to have it here too.

Agreed to much ate in the world in general last thing we need is os-tan hate.


Umm?  A bit on the random note...

Quotewe try to keep a friendly lax posting enviroment here.. there is too much hate on the web to have it here too.

Was that even related to this topic?  *It seems really out of place for some odd reason*  Aw well I guess it really doesn't matter in the end.


it came from a rather harsh reply someone posted.  we should be back on track now no?
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I guess I missed it then.  *Shurg*  Oh well...

Well on a similar note of infected OS' what about 'hacked' OS's?


For hacked OS-tans:maybe some "mind-controlled" OS-tans which are used for evil purposes? With a kind of crazy look?  o_o


there are some pics of infected os-tans go here: <--Admin edit, Please do not post Hentai outside of the Hentai section. Content has already been mentioned in the Hentai thread "The Major vs The OS-tans">
Neptune: the OS that never was

Gussy Keniji

*Gendo Stare*
Ku ku ku ku, bet you guys were wonderin when the Virus King would show up in this thread...anywhom, my input on the current scenerio...

-In the case of Hacked OS', mind control would work, heck I don't think anything else would fit it better...

-What about Spyware, how would that go about?

Bah I wish I could post more, but I'm running on Empty on terms of energy today...But rest assured, I shall return to this thread



spyware would be a peeping tom of course...  I mean if a doctor doing regular check ups is a pervert, anything that sits in the shadows watching their every move and recording it has got to be a peeping tom.
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I think all we are forgetting something important as well.
-> The OSes under use of hackers, most likely armed with hacking tools or Virus Generators, and having the client side of many trojans to control trojan-infected the windows-tan's

gomen, i had to say it, otherwise she gets angry to me *looking at modified evil version of Fedora-tan* but she looks so damn cool that way, i had to
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