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Started by NewYinzer, August 06, 2006, 09:39:19 pm

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A few days ago, I thought about translating untranslated OS-Tan comics. Then I realized, I don't know Japanese! So, if anyone knows Japanese, would you mind assisting in translating comics? Here is a location chock full of untranslated comics:

If you can translate these, would you mind posting the finished product on this topic?

Thank you and have a nice day


Oooh,... isn't that the Troubled Windows site?  I thought they already handled translation issues....  '__'

My own knowledge of Japanese is pretty basic (enough to sprinkle in my pics, but not enough to read manga) so at least I won't be of any help.

That won't do, Pig.....  That won't do..... ;___;


QuoteOooh,... isn't that the Troubled Windows site? I thought they already handled translation issues.... '__'

Yes, they do. So does iitran ( However, they haven't translated anything for months. I was thinking that there was someone on these forums that had enough knowledge of Japanese to translate them.

QuoteThat won't do, Pig..... That won't do..... ;___;

Charlotte's Web, eh?


Okay.. my Japanese is pretty rudementary at best. So, with Cori's help (and help from my other friend on one particular sentence -_-) we translated one.

Ohs those 98s <3

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So cute it\'s deadly!


Was just passing through and so your work.  Absolutely stellar, Codi-san!!  ^.^
(Is Cori your sis, btw?)

And YAY!  It features Windows 95 OSR 2.5-sama.... -v-


Hehe thanks!
Yeah, Cori's my twin sis (see the Me-tan in the topicless thread.. XD) aka my partner in crime.

Yeah, I thought it was a horribly cute strip ^^ And Outlook too!! Everyone wins ^^
So cute it\'s deadly!


Sweet! And I thought that this thread wasn't going anywhere!!


Just to make sure this thread is kept on the radar, how about we try something simple first.

This comic, for example, is one I'm sure the Captain would LOVE!  -v-

C-Chan added the following  16 minutes after last message :

Not much of a Task List, it seems:

1 - Make sense of Onomotapeia
2 - Translate DOSKitty's text bubble (has something to do with seeing, perhaps past tense [I saw it?])
3 - Figure out what the punchline or reference is.

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Looks like my vision is coming true. As for the comic:

It kinda looks like Toshiaki is tying 3.1's bow. He ties them up like bunny ears, and DOSkitty goes nuts. The reasons:
1. It makes 3.1 look like OSX-tan,
2. It makes 3.1 look like a bunny, which DOSkitty likes to chase,
3. Some other reason which I'm not getting...


uuuuhhh...awesome work codi, awesome.
No, my knowledge of Japanese is 0 (zero, none), so I guess I won't be of any help -.-

As for that last comic posted...I think it goes like this:

1)Toshiaki finds 3.1, sleeping
2)Toshiaki starts to play with her ribbon
3)He gets an idea: tie her hair in a ponytail
4)Then, suddenly...
6)And DOS gets angry. (Reason? Unknown)

But that's only what I understood from the pics, this needs real translation.


すã,,,すã,,, (suya suya)
is an onomatopoeia for a gentle sleeping sound, the sound that 3.1-tan is making. So kind of like, "zzzzzz".

ã,·ãƒ¥ãƒ«ã,·ãƒ¥ãƒ« (shuru shuru)
is kinda like.. grrr since it's a sound, there's no real translation, but its kind of like a "shuffle shuffle" noise, since Toshiaki-sama is messing with her ribbon. Say it outloud, it makes sense XD;

As for "mi ta na", what DOS-neko is saying, I guess like.. "I saw that. *KITTY GLLLLAAARE OF DOOM*" cute kitty doesn't like anyone touching 3.1 ^o^

But yeah ._.;; take everything I say with a grain of salt.
So cute it\'s deadly!


[evil piggy laugh]  BWAHAHA!!!!  ^0^

Sorry my dear, but because of your reputation, we now take EVERYTHING you say with several grains of salt, plus some pepper thrown in just for the helluvit!  ^v^

Glad I posted this up for you guys to offer suggestions, since I didn't realize right off the bat that 3.1-sama was asleep (I just thought she was kinda... mellow and stuff....  Â¬.¬')

Two more things I should point out that may or may not be important:

1 - Toshiaki is trying to do something nice (tie her hair in a ponytail), so hence the shock to discover that the ribbons are literally attached to her head...  ^^'

2 - 3.1-sama with "bunny-ears" bears a passing resemblance to Devil Flonne from Disgaea.  Doubt it was the inspiration, but just thought it'd be interesting to point out:  ^__^

In any case, Codi-san's translation seems as good as any for now, so here's the end product of our love and labor.....  ^__^


Perfect! This thread is coming together! Don't stop the magic:


Wow.....  that's gonna take a while......  ^^'

At least I recognize the old Nintendo robot and of course Ad-Aware.  ^v^'

Guess now would be a good time to restart my Japanese language training.....  ^^;

*wonders off to schedule time between language learning and drawing Unix-sama*

C-Chan added the following  1 minute after last message :

BTW, if you like the comic translation, feel free to upload it to the Gallery.  
I'd do it, but my hooves are a little tied at the moment....  ^^;


I know. Meanwhile, I'm gonna whip the Wikipedia article into shape. I'll be back.
*runs to Wikipedia*