In the grim darkness of the future...

Started by CaptBrenden, January 28, 2007, 01:34:34 AM

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These are a few pictures of some of my minatures.. I plan to post more in the future.  These pictures display just about the same size as the actuall minature for those who have never messed with them before, so they are really about that small.

First up is the Chaplain of my army.  Usually the commander of my force. Standard black armor with red trim. nothing special about the model but it turned out really well.  base is not yet compleat.

Second.. my librarian. Another HQ model.  The face is the best part of this model. Looking at it again.. this picture is larger then life.. he is actually quite a bit smaller then it.. but thats alright it shows the detail better.  the eyes were a pain, but they turned out well along with the skin tone.

This model is originaly a special character model for captain stern, but its the model I chose to paint to represent Captain Brenden on the battle field.  Turned out exeptional.. alot of little things made this model stand out. Face turned out well again for starters.  The armor was done failry standard, but I added a blue black ink to it to give it that blue steel look rather then the standard gun metal most of my other minis have.  The cloak is a dark crimson highlighted with a bright red and then orange slowly built up so the colors blended.  Over all Im pretty proud of it.  This model is based obviosly..  very simple, glued sand painted black then highlighted with light grey, trimmed in green and then glued static flock to the surface to represent patchy grass.

One member of my terminator squad.. That squad turned out great. took the extra time to add details like engraving on the armor and scratches in their paint jobs.  

And a second member of the same squad. With him I decided to blacken the barrel of his weapon due to the shear heat and amount of rounds that cannon is soppose to put out. (character fluff wise.. those guns are designed to have thier barrel portion discarded after each battle due to the shear amount of wearfireing that many rounds causes)  Anyhow.. i did it by brushing a copper paint from the muzzel of the weapon back  then again with black, leaving some of the copper showing to get that discolored by heat look.
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The Warhammer game has interested me for a long time but I never had time to really check it out. All the supplies required seemed expensive and time consuming, too. I do have more spare time than I used to now. Maybe you could recommend some neophyte sites.


probobly best to go right to the source.. at least to pruse whats out there. they also have alot of painting and modeling tips for what ever it is your interested in playing, or if you just want to collect and paint, its a good place to look at the models and see what you like
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Who are those little dudes that look like DAK dispatch riders? Those seemed like the coolest units the few times I took notice. They aren't anywhere convenient on the website but I'm pretty sure they're with the imperial guard.

Something that is irritating me about this is how archaic the vehicles look. They're all stubby little WW1 style tanks. Even the ones with rocket launchers. They need something more like this, but with sloped sides:

Also, all that riveted armour is suicide. The rivets get disloged from even a glancing hit and bounce around the interior like bullets.

Holy crap these are expensive! A good sized army can cost over a thousand bucks on eBay! All for a bit of injection moulded plastic. Amazing. The stubby tanks are still irritating me.


Yeah I used to play it quite a bit. Not so much recently thanks to uni work and lack of cash =/ My army of choice is Black Legion :D Bloodthirster ftw. Nice Blood Angels btw, they were my first army :p


Youd have to show me what unit your talking about for me to tell you what it is and where to find it.  I agree about the tanks.. at least for the guard. the marines however have some fairly sci fi advanced stuff.  But it suits them over the guard.

Yeah they are expensive.. i dont know how or why so many kids play.. but its a fun rewarding hobby if you ask me and games workshops minis are hands down the best ones on the market.. I havent found better anywhere else.  Since the painting and assembly is the part I enjoy most I pay for premium minis.  

Nidas, I have some chaos too.. but they arnt nearly as well painted.. they were a.. battle field painted force.  I only painted enough to feild them.  Iron warriors. Simple metal drybrush over black under coat and gold trim, with some details picked out.  nothing worth photographing.  However the demons were painted recently and very well. mostly as adversarys for my grey knights.. but also as the core of my fantasy army.
well there you go.. a link to a company that produces tanks more like what you are interested in mydin.  I see slight drop in the quality of the models themselves but but they are pretty good.  The problem would be fininging opponents of an alternate game... You could find equvalnet substitutes to tanks in the I-Guard armory and use them in 40k.

I myself have debated doing that with the tanks for some time now with modern military tank models at least.  Convert and assemble an I guard army based on the orginization and capabilitys of the USMC.  most players would have no problems with such a thing.
jebus this guy is good... he beats the pants off of me.. just look at the helmet.. there is glow on the helmet aorund the eye for gods sakes...
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I play the Imperial Guards/Army

I have about 10k points of figures (Imps+Tanks Company+Super Heavy Tanks+ Witchhunters)

I created an own Army it is called 180th Hobbsburg (Hobbs means "going to die" in a funny way)

but originally it stands for "hobbys"
i have some pics but i don't know how to post it...
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Ah yes... I forgot that important post -_-

I Play:
Blood Angels Space Marine, Demon Hunters, Iron Warriors Chaos Marines, Orks, Tau and Imperial Steel Legion.  All exept for the blood angles and demon hunters, they are small, 2000 point or so forces.. one shot one kill. Bout them at one time, painted them and dont really plan to expand them too much... Ive been playing blood angels for over 10 years now and I cant begin to estimate the points cost (tho i dont have any titans -_- yet) and my grey knights are normaly part of them as allies (they are so damn hard to play by themselves)

I play Tomb Kings and Chaos Undivided.  the Tomb kings army is about 3000 points, and the chaos is 2000 points of each of the gods and then 2000 of undivided.  AKA.. its fucking huge.  

I play/played alot of their specilty games as well.  Mostly space hulk.  Ive got over a company worth of terminators for that purpos.  and hundereds of genestealers and cultists.  I have enough for a genestealer cult army.. but they cut them from recent editions -_-

Mordehim I played a sisters of sigmar band, and necromunda I had an Esure gang.  Minis are still around somewhere but im cirtain i have no terrain anymore..

Never played blood bowl and never plan to, nor battle fleet gothic or other epic level games.   as fun as they may be.. i dont care for the minis.. too small and too undetailed to be worth painting.

I also play alot of Dawn of War as I quard or Marines.  And Ive erecently picked up and played quite a bit of Mark of Chaos.
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