Need help installing Ubuntu

Started by panithan, January 21, 2007, 07:01:05 AM

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I got the Ubuntu CD from my friend. I wanna install it into my computer for my OS lab. But I can't. It doesn't let me boot from the Ubuntu CD when I reboot. (But I still can boot from Windows CD) Now I'm using Windows XP. Anyone please help... ;shino;
Thank you. - -'


Yo Panithan. ^__^
Thank you for your interest in Ubuntu.  ^v^

Unfortunately, I use Xubuntu myself so won't be able to use my direct experience to test out troubleshooting methods.  ^^'

(Xubuntu comes in one Live CD, Ubuntu I think uses 5 or DVD-R.  ^^')

Naturally, you tried checking to see if the computer boots off the CD first.


Next I would try checking the contents of your Ubuntu disc, just to make sure your friend burned the actual ISO image rather than the ISO file itself on the Ubuntu installation disc.  ^^'

Happened to me once before I knew what to do with ISOs... helluva way to make coasters.  ^^'

Added after 11 hours 35 minutes:

Oi, how's it coming?  ^__^

Forgot to say,... in order to look at the contents of the first Ubuntu installation disc (is it 5 CDs, btw?), pop it into your notebook and see if it Autostarts something.

If it doesn't, go to Windows Explorer and open the disc up straight from its drive letter content.

If there's something wrong with the disc, it will either:

- error out opening it, which means the CD was badly burned to begin with


- it will open and just reveal one or two archive packages (probably ISO).

Ubuntu uses the GRUB bootloader which works with just about anything, so it's hard to believe it wouldn't run on your machine if the boot files were burned properly onto the disc.  ^__^'

Too bad you didn't try Xubuntu first, but Ubuntu is definitely the best choice of the four Ubuntu distros (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu), as it's fully-featured and relatively easy to use, AND has the largest support base.  ^__^


The letest version (6.10) size (after extracting) is nearly 700 MB. So it can fit in only 1 CD. I try using the older one (6.06) my friend gave me. It worked! Now what is left is partitioning the disk...I think I'll going to see the lab admin to help me this.

Anyway, C-chan. Thanks!


Wow, only 1 CD for Ubuntu too?  ^__^
Maybe I'm just confusing it with SUSE Linux.  -v-

Oh well, I still think it's a bad burn, but as long as you have Dapper Drake that should work nicely as well.  ^__^
You can always upgrade to Edgy (v.6.10) later...  -v-

I installed mine on a clean system, so didn't have to worry about partitions.  But yeah, it's smart of you to opt for the extra precaution.  -v-


Ubuntu partitioning and installation complete!

Now I know which OS-tan should I use in my new OS-TAN Collections banner...after I made the XP-tan Chinese New Year banner.