OS-Tan Collections (OSC) should have its own official Mastodon and Element

Started by The Computer Otakou, September 03, 2023, 08:55:02 PM

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The Computer Otakou

OS-Tan Collections (OSC) should have its own official Mastodon Accounts and own Severs along with an Element Sever because X formally Twitter has been getting worse and worse and I hate Twitter/X its a nightmare and Discord is not my favorite in fact I kinda hate it but OS-Tan Collections (OSC) shouldn't just limited to the Forums we should expand the OS-Tan Community in ways that are mostly open source and has a focus with platforms that put people over profits/politics so that is why I deiced to make this thread to talk about ways people can be more involved with the Community and even get new members we should have an focus on prioritizing the community around us and grow us a community so in order to do that we have to make changes are selves get people aware of the in community the members in this community should be more active and finally we should have the OS-Tan Wiki pages get updated more often.

But in order to do that we need some love and support so a way to get donations to @Goujer and the over Devs/Admins of the site would be nice another thing is having an official Mastodon account https://mastodon.social/ and having an official Element (Matrix) would also be quite nice https://element.io/ its about growing a community and breathing new life to it if you have any ideas of your own that would greatly appreciated :) also O would like to know your thoughts on my thread and its ideas explained today.

Goujer (she/her)

I will not be maintaining any other sites or platforms other than this site right here.
If you want to go make one yourself go ahead though.