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Started by Sinclair-Speccy, October 12, 2020, 08:18:58 PM

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Well well well, here's to a new post of some sort I suppose. I am not sure how to begin this besides starting with a concept for the Simon relay-based computer.

For his personality, I feel like that he could've been ENIAC in a way as she had helpers however he might have an only person controlling him. This may not be realistic but I feel like that he could've learned how to control himself... even though the "program" was executed straight from paper tapes unless he stores them and "reads" them. Simon might also be a "good" mathematician because the computer was capable of addition, negation, greater than, selection and several bitwise operations, however, it knows not more than four numbers; it can express only the number 0, 1, 2 and 3. I've been thinking about how he and GENIAC would get along and I feel like that someone would have to program Simon how to play Tic-Tac-Toe, and he would've stored that tape to remember how to play it. He might have tried his hardest to make her happy and everything even though he wasn't designed for it, and might have regrets about leaving her behind. Simon's design is a thunder coloured (#2A292A) corduroy pants and madras sportcoat, Cararra coloured (#E8E6DD) polo shirt, white (#FEFFFF) tie and ash coloured (#C8C5BB) boots. The button things on them top of the Simon are small and various coloured patches on his suit... and maybe his pants too. Glasses like Edmund Berkeley's.

There's a story for him I'm working on but I'll post that someday later, but there will be more here about other ideas I have.

Edit: I forgot to clarify this but Simon is Jeanie's big brother as the Simon itself was made by the same creator.
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Just throwing another idea here as a separate post...

The Calculator Confederacy formed sometime when smartphones began to make calculators practically obsolete. It's debated who founded this faction since there could be various candidates such as Casio Model 14-A-tan, ANITA-tan, Monroe Epic-kun, and various others. It started as a faction against the VHDA, Android Alliance, and the Infinite Loop's Handheld District because most calculator-tans and kuns saw them as a threat. After a few years, this "hatred" against the smartphones waned and the faction began to turn into a place for calculators to retire that don't wish to go to the Vintage Handheld Device Aggregation but however, there are rumours that one calculator there doesn't like the fact the hatred has waned and believes this faction should've started when computers began to make their fame.

The VHDA, Android Alliance, and the Infinite Loop's Handheld District are things from my fanon. The VHDA (Vintage Handheld Device Aggregation) being similar to the Binteeji Renmei but for phones and handheld devices like the Nokia 3310 and Motorola DynaTAC. The Android Alliance is where Google's Android-tans are and the Infinite Loop's Handheld District is the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV and all are.
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Just another idea... or two

Minivac 601-tan
Outfit: Silver bangles, long-sleeved black button-up shirt, light blue vest, long light blue skirt (the inside of the skirt is light brown because the bottom of the Minivac 601 is light brown), light brown slip-on shoes, red buttons. Red, yellow, and blue necklaces. For the necklace, there are three of them, and they're the jumper wires used to transfer stuff(?). The buttons are based off the push buttons on the Minivac 601 which are red. Minivac 6010 name: Elizabeth, Minivac 601 name: Alice or Maria.
Minivac 6010 outfit:
60s styled corset coat, long-sleeved shirt, pants, tie.

Minivac 6010-tans attire would have more black compared to her sister's outfit, and she'd get annoyed when people call her a child because businesses saw the Minivac as a childish thing
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Mechanical Calculator-tans/kuns

Mechanical Calculator-tans/kuns would represent mechanical calculators created by people that are not like normal calculators such as using electricity (a good amount of them can be found here

I don't have much information about them at this current moment but they may be tall as the Mainframe-tans and worshipped by humans such as their creators.
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