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Post your desktop

Started by Q4(V), March 20, 2006, 12:30:49 PM

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I often find Linux takes far longer to get setup with a piece of software than Windows does. As Bella somewhat mentioned needs and tools usually line up to what works the best for the time put in. I personally don't like Windows 10 so I'm definitely going to give Linux a try as a main driver eventually. Setting up Photoshop for example, is a chore or setting up Wine, getting the right configurations and testing frequently to make it stable so you can actually do the work you want to on it. Doing this can be kind of fun but I don't have hours to waste on that stuff.
For example I was in a game development club one semester and we had to use Godot because it was the only engine tools one of the captains could get running on his Arch Linux machine. Often he was more busy setting something up to make things work better with Godot than working on the project. We all suffered to because Godot was very early then and had little documentation not to mention that it didn't have a working compiler on Windows, Linux or MacOS.


Since we're on the subject of Linux, my desktop on Mint. Nothing fancy, really

(Also, yes I am using the Windows 95 "My Computer" icon there :P )


I like how you have a Vista-tan (one of them) background and 9X-era My Computer icon on a Linux. But again, I have the fictious "Windows 20XX" (is this what they use in Mega Man?) background and also 9X-era icons on Windows 7.


I try to keep -tan consistency with my wallpapers my laptop and desktop draw from the same collection wallpapers but my laptop will only show Touko wallpapers, while my desktop will only show Nanami. My legacy build has XP-tan wallpaper, my Mac has Tiger-tan and Leopard-tan wallpapers, my PS3 has a PS3-tan, my PS Vita has a Vita-tan etc...


Nice. I just set whatever I'm feeling at the moment for my main desktop and laptop LOL


Arch Linux is a great distro, I can recommend an article that makes it easier to install Arch Linux. I've installed it about 3 to 5 times already and I am pleased with the kind of distro it is.
I'm just a guy who uses Arch Linux, wears trenchcoats, and loves girls who are tomboys.


Easy installation is awesome, but doesn't really help if the thing holding someone back is, for instance, running games or programs that don't have Linux support or run well on emulators. It also doesn't help for day-to-day usability.


Just installed my SSD a couple days ago, and decided to use the Cinnamon version of Linux Mint for a change of pace. After a few minor tweaks to line everything up like I like, here we are