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Started by Goujer, March 30, 2019, 07:38:03 PM

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Performa Classic

Would we treat C-chan's characters like Futaba's, as he's not here anymore, and hasn't been in over a decade, and left his last known place of contact that I'm aware of about five years ago?

Aurora Borealis

That's the approach I'd take to distinguish what he established for the characters he created within the Annex Project storylines vs. storylines from a branched continuation based off of the Annex Project. There is a lot of information to go by, because he left a lot of notes on their backstories, and ideas for future story lines as a guide. Some of these future story lines that changed a character a lot could have already happened now, or in the near future, but set timeframes for when these were to happen weren't usually given. To include timeframes for them would fall under a branched continuity.