Removal of some profile fields - feedback?

Started by Pitkin, September 02, 2015, 11:31:27 am

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I removed some profile fields earlier this week. I'd like to know if any of you consider them still useful.

The ones removed were:
-ICQ number
-AIM handle
-YIM handle
-warning status

MSN handle I had already removed a long time ago. Are the other three also obsolete or were you using them still? The "warning status" I removed since I don't use the warning system.

The post count field was NOT supposed to be removed, but I accidentally disabled it as well and realised it only today after waking up and after Cockleshell's post in the Topicless made me look at the site more carefully. That one I put back, since I happen to like seeing the numbers grow. xP

Also, should you wish to have other profile fields to fill, now is the moment! There are possibilities for text fields and radio button choices in the profile page, next to one's posts or above one's signature. Preferred OS could be a nice one, though anything else than a free text field would end up excluding systems.


The post count field ...

You mean the spam-o-meter ?  :P


Hmph, who was the one sending me text messages, each of them containing just one letter to eventually spell "RABBITS"? xP


A preferred OS one could be nice, just as a free entry field; since I'm fairly certain Bella would put "OpenVMS" -w-

Also, maybe have one for a Steam handle, since so many of us have one?


Steam handle is a very nice idea to replace the ones I removed. ^^


Even Faceboob ID/mane


FB could be also; however, since it links often to real full name, I wonder how many would like to use it. I'd like to hear out others on this one as well.


I probably wouldn't; given the complicated nature of having 2 Facebooks. I mean, the reason most everyone knows my name on here was a fluke; forgetting this one pic I posted had something with my name on it ^^;


i'm tempted to vote "yay" on the facebook one, but only members could see it, right? i'd like to friend more of you on there that have it, but i don't want to be spammed with random bot messages. :\

steam handle would be excellent. looks like you've already got it. xD

preferred OS would be great, and perfect for the site! i wonder how many of us are going to be trolls and list things like "Hollerith Tabulator" or something, though. xDD

do you guys think Nintendo DS friend code is too specific? i don't use mine much, but it's an idea. other than what's been posted, i can't think of anything, but i'll post again if i think of anything. thanks for trimming the old ones---i haven't even thought of AIM in months, much less used it (been years). as important a time as that was in my life, i don't really want to remember it again. >>;;;


3DS Friend Code seems possible, but aside from you and me, IDK who has one on here :\


i know at least one other person did. s'why i was wondering if it was too specific, though.


The little icons that show next to each post unfortunately show to everybody visiting the website, but if I place the fields in Profile page of each member, they'll only be visible for registered users... but for all registered members. I can naturally add FB handle with a caveat.

Nintendo DS code can be done as well, if it has a use. :)


we don't get a lot of spambots here anymore, and i doubt anyone registered currently is going to be hitting us up for candy crush lives on facebook, so i think that's a good way to go about it. as for DS code, i wish we could get more input---i was only suggesting it. (i barely use my DS right now.)


Oh, you reminded me, I noticed this week that we'd received 20,000 new members during 2015. Most of them clearly weren't real members, but at least it seems the bots no longer manage to post like back in time. So, the dang bots still manage to register but no longer post.

Maybe as a solution I could add a new member rank - lurker - for registered but 0-post members and restrict their access to other users' profiles. I'd need to check the user rights for that.


That might work, yeah; GameFAQs has a similar setup, with a "New User" rank, that locks out the more advanced stuff until you've started to post more.

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