If os-tans, app-tans have specific weapon & skills

Started by Ghost Member, August 09, 2015, 08:08:03 am

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What would it be for os-tans?
Now we have XP-TAN, Nanami, Ai - Yuu siblings, Touka for the active ones.
Any ideas? I want to draw some fanmade their fighting scenes from your suggestions.
For example:
1.) Firefox-Tan skills would use fire attacks & amulets as weapon.
2.) Inori we already see that her skills is laser danmaku shooting with smart screen as her weapon.
They're not os-tan but app-tans but still a good samples.

When I played Twilight Insanity & Alternative Sphere or watch Inori's specific moves against virus.
I want to see os-tans to have their own weapons or specific fighting traits.


I usually picture 2k-tan with a broadsword, after playing Nijikaku once -w-


....And 95-tan with her katana, yep.

Don't know if you guys know about this, but there's a game on Android that features Unity-chan and other programming-language-tans.
Link's here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.tank.ezdaemon.uas&hl=en

I do realise it's not about the OS-tans, but still, the game's cute. It reminds me of Mario and Megaman a little. Really nostalgic.

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Yeah, Unity-Chan is an official mascot she have lot's of game I've like to collect them. ;)


@TZDT: did you introduce yourself? also, cool to know. :0

@ghost: some of the OS-tans have canon fighting styles due to comics and Nijikaku. 95 (male and female), 2k, and in rare cases NT all use swords; i've seen ME use a crowbar, Vista uses a hammer (Vistake) and Shuriken/Kunai (Visbou), i think i saw 3.1 with a Naginata once (the Male version uses a sword or nightstick the few times i've seen him armed, a play off police of the Taisho era), the 98's sometimes use their boxes as mechs, most Apple-tans have access to or use some type of explosive (OS7/7.5 both use swords, though) and most of the others just go hand-to-hand. Kyourou-kun (OS9-kun) even uses fireballs, sometimes. :0

with the lore we've discussed on the site years ago, most other -tans wouldn't need many weapons outside of anti-virii (only canon ones i've seen either use some kind of magic or, in the case of MacAfee, a riding crop), since they'd generally just perform day-to-day tasks. if you'd be talking in terms of assigning weapons to browsers, you'd likely not be far off in saying FF would use some kind of fire magic; Kitsune as a rule tend to have access to Will-o-the-Wisps and Fox Fire (the latter actually taking the term from the Kitsune themselves). otherwise, go based on personality. Inori i'm pretty sure uses a gun or sword, Opera would likely either be magic-based or use Rapier, Chrome would either be magic or a Pistol, and idk about the rest, since they don't have much in the way of -tans (sans the Moezilla clan, but i haven't seen enough of them to judge.

we have a Theory thread if you'd like to talk about this there. :0


I'm gonna throw my -tans into the ring. I used to believe that EVERY -tan had some weapon/magical defense skills but I've slackened somewhat on that stance. Generally in my story universe the mainframe and timesharing system OS-tans (with a few exception) need to have fantastic self-defense skills because their sheer number of interactions with others put them at higher risk in general, plus the fact they're usually tasked with important responsibilities or sensitive information. I believe the minicomputer-tans would me more likely to rely on strength in numbers, as a rule.

VMS-tan: Big swords, smaller swords, knives, stabbin' things in general.
Linux-tan: Halberd, spear, cyber-armor
Multics-tan: forcefields, psionically-generated labyrinths, generally just fortifying herself against would-be attackers
Unix-tan: Pyromancy


@choco: Yup, I did.

EDIT: Whoops, just saw your welcome *ahahaaa*. Feeling a little sheepish now...


no no, you're right, i was mistaken. was sure i saw a photo of her somewhere with one, but i remember better now. though she doesn't stick to just one type....


i can dig that, but she tends to be less smiley about it. you want someone who smiles while they blow things to bits? OSX-tan. -w-;