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XP-tan Animated desktop

Started by tzdt, August 06, 2015, 11:35:08 am

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I did some trawling around, and I found a link for most if not all of the assets used in the creation of the XP desktop animation we all know and love.

There was a pretty recent post (early this year XP) on a Japanese blog with a link to a .zip file containing the assets, and there seems to be a few other characters thrown in.
From what little Japanese I know, this thing runs on Apricot, but how exactly it works I have no idea... yet. Gimme a month.

Meanwhile, I'll just content myself with manually animating XP-tan.... by going through the images really fast.

Oh, and this:


there's already an apricot thread around here somewhere with the files. if not, check the download section--might be there, too. :0

if you intend to stick around i suggest you introduce yourself.

and translating her likely wouldn't work. all the dialogue would still be in Japanese. :\


This is awesome can't wait to get home and try it out.

@Choco By the way how do I get to the download section? I've been wanting to check that out for some time now.