Which type of OS-Tans canons sounds fun, charming & you like the most?

Started by Ghost Member, December 03, 2015, 03:46:40 AM

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Ghost Member

There 3 types that I've notice.

1. Community's Fanons
They're might create by someone fanons but from everyone's fanons art competitions
one of them being voted & except by the whole anime community for "that os-tan, it's her".
All older Windows-Tan till XP-tan, Vista-Tan they're not create by Microsoft Japanese but create by anime users out there.
XP-Tan & olders they're the first start of this fun arts activities before Microsoft Japanese branch take interest to create it officially.
Linux-tans all distro as well Linux communities didn't aware about anime os-tans community's doing.

2. Semi-Official Mascot:
Create by Official Japanese Branch of OS-Tans which didn't create by any anime user's fannon.
At this point nobody would create their fanons because it official Japanese OS-Tans Mascot was already released.
Nanami, Ai & Yuu, Touko none of them created like the 1rst type even XP-Tan is not.

3. Truly Official:
These are rare breeds they're mostly inactive & never seen create by the owner themselves.
Is that do they leave the 1rst type to do rather fun than create by the owner himself?
or even they've but they're not OS-Tans anime mascot but a real mascots?
Debian had their own "Toy Story Mascots" in each releases.


I prefer fan / community / my own canon because I like world-building, character creation and non-Windows OS-tans.


i recognize Futaba's canon as paramount. if Futaba hasn't made a -tan for it, we're on the way to doing so.

(i will say, though, that Nanami is the exception to this rule---never much cared for Futaba's 7-tan(s).
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