Lookit All The Figures Me and Pent Found!

Started by Chocofreak13, February 19, 2015, 08:55:56 pm

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it started out with this one, which Pent stumbled onto by accident.
then i went through all 67 pages of the "other" catagory and found a few Netrunner promo figs.


as an added bonus i can basically guarentee that if you can think of an anime, you can find a product for it in that shop. just search away friends, i found everything from Haruhi to Tetsudo Musume (Train Girls).

if none of us own the first fig by my birthday, i'll be requesting it as a birthday gift from people i know. idc who ends up with it, but i want it to stay in the family.


Consider ME-tan to have been purchased by me. I'll give further details on how I pulled this off without denting my savings account later -w-


noice! >:3

the Netrunners are cute, too. and cheap! ^^


Dammit Kari and Pent, after looking around that shop I want to go and blow all my money on Madoka Magica & Kino's Journey folders and pen cases. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.


how do you think i feel, suddenly i want nothing but Pinky St figures and Urusei Yatsura stuff for my birthday. ;^;


Damn it all, I just bought a couple of Madoka keychains from freakin' China, the shop has good ratings but i still hope it's not a scam/they don't get lost in international shipping. ;^;


speaking of, i found the thing for Stew. should i mail it to you or to him?


I do still have to send some items he left behind off to him, so maybe it WOULD be a good idea to just send it to me...

I dunno, I'll check with him and see what he says.


kk. it'd be easier since you have a more permanent address and it'll just be going in-state. :0


[is still waiting for Bella to ship my birthday gift]

So, the seller contacted me to say that my ME-tan figurine is shipping out this Monday >:3



I bought this from Amazon Japan yesterday, cost me around $15 plus shipping. I spent around 30 minutes trying to find the best quality one only to realize only one seller would ship to the US. I'm scared because that seller only described it as good quality but has sun burn or something along those lines.



I actually gave one of those as a gift to Kari last Christmas :3

(I want to find a figurine of 2k-tan, but she seems to be near impossible to find ;___; )


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I believe you can mail order the 2K-tan figure for the set but I think it's from some Japanese company (Pink Company I think)
But I'm not really sure where they'll ship to.
This link might help: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/190173


i believe the 2k-tan was limited-time only, but if you find out otherwise, do let me know, i'd love to have her for my set.

also, good condition or not just HAVING one is rare enough, so count your lucky stars. only 2 of us here have them, me and a moderator. i think the moderator gave hers away, too. ;x;

trying my best to navigate Pink Company's site, and it looks like they did a couple series of OS-tan figs, but only from 04'-06', so i don't think you can order it from there anymore. it's not listed in their shopping area, and from the looks of it, there's only one guy running the whole shebang, who hires a couple people off and on as needed. (fun fact: Pink Company helped make the parody anime Lingerie Soldier: Papillion Rose. xD)

on the upside, it looks like they have some Touhou figs on there, including a whole bunch of Cirno keychains in various colours. :0

none of the buying links on the figure collection site had anything, sans Hobby Search, which had listings for the XP and ME figures (1/8, different company, long sold out). though Big Bad Toy Store did have this.

ebay, on the other hand, produced this!


how i wish i could get it for my birthday. :\

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