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Started by NejinOniwa, September 02, 2014, 04:51:54 AM

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*chimes in*

tbh I didn't know this was still "a thing". I heard about it a while back, that whole Zoe Quinn thing, researched quite a bit thoroughly to figure out the truth of it all, and then realized that this scandal is really about a million little tiny things that are hard to process in one lump, and that generally don't have much to do with her (Quinn) "anymore".

Generally it seems to boil down to "equal treatment" in multiplayer gaming, gaming journalism, buying video games at stores, and sometimes just the "equal treatment" part without games even being involved, right? That's just my understanding, so stop me if I'm wrong. This shit is confusing...

My opinion is:

First and foremost, video game reviews are shit. No matter what website/company produced them, nor what author wrote about them. It's marketing, and has never been anything but marketing. And fuck marketing.

Since that has nothing to do with it anyway, idk. I've played plenty of games where people don't even seem to notice when women/girls/whatever play, and lots of them did play and enjoyed doing it. They'd definitely say so. It just depends on the community. It's like real life.

And since it boils down to real life situations AS WELL (e.g. in my understanding, even walking into a video game store is a complaint for some women), well, I don't want to be condescending trying to explain this but I'm having a hard time coming up with something pleasant. I'll just say it from my own perspective:  I've walked into shit before where I've instantly realized that I don't want to be there, it's a bad situation for me, shit seems hostile, whatever, whatever. I just walk the fuck out. That's life. BUT:

The good thing is that there are always communities, somewhere, that people fit into. There's always a welcoming group elsewhere. Maybe it's not the local video game store for some women. If I were one of those women, I'd probably be annoyed, but tbh I'd do what I always do and just walk the fuck away and find somewhere that actually suits me. That means depriving that shitty store of your/my business, finding a different one that's actually cool, yadda yadda. Or it means playing a game with a multiplayer community that's worth a fuck. In both cases, I'd be looking for a store clerk/admin that's willing to tell random people to gtfo if they harass me.

IMO I can't find anything in the Gamergate shit I've read (that's on topic, as opposed to being focused on some random "gaming journalist(s)") that applies exclusively to women or anything of the like. It's shit men deal with too. It's just human shit.

Basically I don't understand the deal. Just my opinion for the convo. :p


tbh i've lost sight of what it was initially about, as well. there will always be sexism, regardless of field, and the only way to combat it is to keep on keeping on. :\
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