Started by DustiiWolf, December 21, 2013, 01:28:45 AM

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Anyone thought of making an app to access the forum, as well as possibly the wiki? I think an app could be really cool. Whether for iOS, WP, or Android. Anyone have experience in developing for any of those? (I have a bit of experience in WP programming with Visual Studio, but still lack the knowledge on how to pull online content into the app, which is troublesome...)

While i'm asking, does the current implementation of SMF that is being used include the REST API? I ask because microsoft has the "Windows Phone App Studio" and Microsoft "Siena" (for 8/RT), and while they are mainly for creating basic apps, they do allow accessing content via REST, so it could be possible to build a basic forum viewer through them. Not like anyone here besides me uses any of those OSes....

I did make a basic app that pulls the recently updated topics and launches a browser upon tap, navigating to that topic, though. It basically pulls the index RSS feed into a list box.
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It came into discussion a while ago but it turned flop...

The question was, what is the interest of an app rather than just a theme for mobile ?
In the case of an app, it may break at any update, while a theme is easier to maintain for the same result.

As for the concept itself, i have nothing against an app


I never saw the point of it. i'm not bashing us right now, but we have like, 8 active members. EIGHT. there is NO base out there demanding an app.

as far as I know no one on site has app experience, either. too bad, since I have a genius idea for one that we could get rich off of.


Choco is right. We just don't that many active members to warrant a mobile app. I don't object to the idea, it's just, you know...



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