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Started by DustiiWolf, November 27, 2013, 11:56:25 pm

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Kaypro's parent company (that would later become Kaypro as a whole) was formed in 52'. if you'd prefer, she can have a later birthdate, but the latest i'd reccomend is the mid to late 70's since the actual computer development started around that time.

as for her death, i saw her reformation during the 90's a little bit like an addict returning from rehab, sans the addiction. it's more like coming back from a sanitarium to find that everything has changed and everyone has moved on. not having a place left in the world, she couldn't really find much reason to stay.

it also works with the "ghost" theory since, while Kaypro as a name died in 99', "Kay Computers" returned for a brief stint in the early to mid 00's, but is stalled/defunct now.


...and this, too. While I care as little as humanly possible about Second Life, just...2k >w>;


it would make sense that they'd do the others, but given that i have no account nor interest in Second Life, i'm not sure i care enough to search.

if it weren't for the low-rent quality of the models i'd wonder if it were possible to import these to MMD.


There seems to be a Mint-tan and a ME-tan one. And I didn't go looking for them.

With the exception of Mint-tan, there are known MMD models for them.


not for 3.1, no. i remember tracking down the blog that had the OS-tan MMDs (and finding seperate Nanami and Claudia ones), and the only ones there were 95, 2k, XP, and ME. :\



I downloaded the file in the description a while ago, and yes, there is an MMD model in this.


well i'll be. we should get this in the Downloads section.


This file is so large, it causes a scroll bar on my 1920x1080 monitor.
art by shota-king

Yeah a dos virus named Neko.

I normally do not like virus-tans unless they are, you know, viruses, but even watching the video above, I was thinking "damn, this virus should have it's own humanization." Or maybe that is what DOSkitty is in reality.



...would Neko be friends with BonziBuddy, or would she actually try to kill him like everyone else?


I cannot answer either way, but I do know that BonziBuddy would be a Virus-kun, if only because Bonzi is a guy. BonziBuddy lends itself well to a humanization too, now that I think about it.


(Also, I still want fanart of Bonzi dressed like the TF2 Spy; given he is a form of spyware -w-)


I'm not a huge fan of virus-tans either but the thought of an adorable little catgirl who torments the DOS-tans is too much for me to resist...

As for BonziBuddy, I can't say much about his personality but I'm having trouble imagining him as anything BUT a chubby dude in a garish purple suit.

Stew got me thinking about character music preferences again the other day, maybe I'll post about it sometime soon.


i picture Bonzi as someone who would sell used cars.

this guy. i picture Bonzi like this guy.

as for Neko-tan, i'm evoking images of an 80's japanese schoolgirl (well, 80's-90's, so navy blue, knee-length school uniform with a red tie, loose socks, and short, fluffy brown hair, possibly in the Seiko Haircut that was so popular back then) with cat ears and tail, who wants to be popular but isn't very good at it, so she takes on the tactic of both trying to be as cute as possible (complete with cat-like mannerisms) and trying to insert herself into every situation possible, much to the chagrin of her classmates. Things are especially bad on Tuesdays, which she calls her "Lucky Day" (seems she was born on a Tuesday). When she is repeatedly ignored, her Yandere side emerges. Is THAT what actually happened to the transfer student.....?

were it not time to Not Starve with Steve i'd do some art of this myself. thoughts on this?


A fat Dick Nixon in a garish purple suit. Best design concept for an -kun (or -tan even!) that I've heard so far.

@Kari: Wow. That is awesome. I give your Neko-tan concept a yes.