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Time: 12th of February, 2009, 21:05

Location: Bureau branch office on 12 Decker Street, ***ham, ***shire, England
(NOTE: this location will henceforth be referred to as Crossham, Exshire)

Mission: CLASSIFIED - Report to the Bureau Chief immediately for debriefing

The Bureau will provide housing for all employees during the mission, and you will be granted a weekly fund of 150£ for ordinary expenses.

====/  \====

It's a cold winter this year. Really cold - but bad in a lot more ways than just that. Ever since the Lehman Brothers incident last summer, the economy has dived really, really deep. And you were unfortunate enough to be caught up smack in the middle of the misfortunes that followed. Maybe you were laid off, maybe your parents lost all their money and couldn't afford to pay your tuition costs, or maybe you just didn't have the luck of getting a job in the first place; either way, you've been shambling through life this last half year, and it hasn't been good on you.

Your one lucky break, however, that allowed you to stay afloat in this tumultuous society, is the Bureau; a secretive, highly paranoid bunch of suits that have been hiring people desperate enough to not ask questions about what they're doing or why. Basically, people like you.
Since a few months back you've been doing miscellaneous tasks - or missions, as they insist on calling them - on their behalf, landing you just about the few quid you need to hang on a bit longer. Now, though, you've been called out of town on a big job, and while you had to burn the very last of your meager stock of cash to afford the train ticket, free boarding and one fifty quid a week is not something you'll ever say no to.

Well, assuming this is the usual Bureau stuff, at least. They're being awfully secretive about this mission for some reason, and ever since you got on the train and started thinking you've been getting a bit of a bad vibe. But hey, it's not like you can go back now - there's no more trains leaving Crossham Station tonight, and even if there was you don't have a ticket, or any money to buy one with. The few eggs you have are all in this basket, and you'd best make sure you're at the office in time.

Post your character sheets. They should contain a visual description, a background (bonus points for sob story on how you got here), and your Stats. Your Stats are Knowledge, Experience, Charisma and Physique; you have 10 points to spend between the four as you wish.
After posting your character, you will be given a personal debriefing by the Bureau Chief.


Alice Langeley, 22 years old, Scorpio (Birthday Oct. 18)

5' 9", pale, long, dark brown hair, sepia brown eyes. dresses in black leather calf boots, skinny jeans or pencil skirts, simple long sleeve tops and a knee-length black pea coat. occasionally she ties her hair up in a bun, usually with a few wispy strands falling out on the sides of her ears. she has simple jewelry (stud earrings and a silver necklace with small sapphire pendant) and wears little makeup (usually just some matte burgundy lipstick). would like to get a hat.

Growing up in a miserable home with a tyrant father and a downtrodden mother, Alice longed to get out of there as soon as she could, fleeing after graduation at 17 to parts unknown. Within 6 months, however, she had burned up 90% of her money and started taking odd jobs to keep herself afloat. Even after sleeping on friends' couches and in cars, she refuses to go home, which is why landing this job at 20 was a godsend. She hates her father, extended family and the little town she grew up in, but keeps in touch with her mum, younger brother and maternal grandparents. Given her semi-transient lifestyle, however, they know better than to try to visit.

Likes: Strong, fancy teas, ridiculously fluffy cats, jazz, the sound the subway makes as it comes into the station

Dislikes: Manly men, complicated books, fluorescent colours, spray cheese

Knowledge: 3
Experience: 4
Charisma: 2
Physique: 1


Dren Vermre, 20 years old

5' 6" Jet black hair and slightly tan skin, metallic green eyes. Dresses in casual professional/typical business suit or Cammo soldier garb. He has long well kept hair and a scar on his left shoulder.
He was a crime boss since he was 14, his father had been killed in a drug raid, leaving him and his 8 year old sister alone with his mother, who killed herself later on by cutting her wrists open.

he is no nonsense and militantly powerful, he specializes in his marksmanship.

Knowledge: 3
Experience: 3
Charisma: 2
Physique: 2
Simon was here :P<br />


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Apologies, Simon, but your character is in jail for robbing a bank first thing after the crash hit "just to make sure the money doesn't disappear before we do the job". The Bureau does not, presently, offer bail as a part of its work package.

Also, "militantly powerful" does not translate to Physique 2...just a thought.


Simon was here :P<br />


Yes, good.
(In case that wasn't clear enough: pls make normal characters, the game will take care of the rest)


Perhaps after this mission Alice will get herself a hat. also, a cat. a fluffy one.